Elden Ring: How To Get The Meteorite Staff

One of the best early-game weapons for mage builds in Elden Ring is the Meteorite Staff, a Glintstone Staff that scales with Intelligence, only requiring a stat prerequisite of 18 Int. Additionally, the staff boosts gravity-type sorceries like the Gravity Well or Rock Sling spells. The only downside to the Meteorite Staff is that it cannot be strengthened or upgraded in any way, while the Elden Ring Astrologer’s Staff can.

The Meteorite Staff is located within the Caelid region, east of Limgrave. More specifically, players can find it within the muggy swamps of the Street of Sages Ruins. However, Elden Ring fans may find these ruins in Caelid quite a difficult place to get to, especially for Tarnished newcomers. Fortunately, a specific route in the beginning region allows players to reach the staff’s location unscathed. Nonetheless, it is possible to run into several fights along the way. Therefore, to avoid any life-threatening confrontation, it is highly recommended for players to unlock the Torrent Mount first before embarking on this journey.

Starting from the First Step’s Site of Grace, travel west towards the extensive marsh in Limgrave. Continue riding until reaching the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Look for an entrance that leads down into an underground crypt in Elden Ring. Another stairwell can also be found nearby, yet the one players should be searching for will have several enemy mobs guarding the area.

Meteorite Staff Location Guide For Elden Ring

If Elden Ring players wish to take out the group of enemies near the crypt’s entrance, the zombified foes will not be much of a threat. Yet, the two rabid dogs can be a problem due to their fast attacks. Descend the stairwell cautiously, as a mischief of giant rats will be waiting at the bottom. After avoiding or fighting through the enemies, the player will reach a treasure chest within the bottom of the downward tunnel. Open it to be transported to Caelid.

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When the player comes to, they will be inside a crystal cave filled with enemies in Elden Ring. Wait for several seconds for a patrol to go by, and then sneak down the path until reaching the Site of Grace, Sellia Crystal Tunnel. Turn left and exit the mineshaft into Caelid. Using Torrent, ride along the left shore. Ignoring any mobs, ride southwest through the Street of Sages Ruins until reaching a small staircase. Walk up the stairs and around the building’s edge to avoid the poisonous plants inside. Finally, players can retrieve the Meteorite Staff from the corpse hanging out the window sill.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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