Elden Ring: How To Get The Clayman’s Harpoon

One of the most versatile hybrid zoom weapons Elden’s ring is Clayman’s Harpoon, a spear that deals physical and magical damage, increasing strength, agility, and intelligence. While the spear’s inherent piercing ability is useful in combat, Clayman’s javelin can be impregnated with various war ashes. In other words, the value of this gun lies in its versatility Elden’s ring The ability to deal magic damage innate and further customize each Ashes of War, such as continuous stabs, sword swings, and ice spears.

Mixed mage builds will find the utility of Clayman’s Harpoon very effective due to its scalability. The player’s agility and intelligence increase along with the spear for faster casting and stronger magic damage, making it the perfect choice for Keen Infusion. To further enhance weapon performance, unclean adventurers can equip the Enchanted Scorpion Charm, cast spells to conceal Broken Tears in their magic potion recipes, and even even strengthen the spear with the scholar’s weapon.

As the name suggests, Clayman’s Harpoon is taken from Clayman, slow-moving humanoid creatures that inhabit the underground regions of the Ainsel and Siofra rivers. Naturally, spears will only drop from weapon-wielding, which means Tarnished has to make sure they plant the right enemies for their javelins.

Location of Clayman’s Harpoon in Eldon’s Circle

Two ideal locations for planting Clayman’s Harpoon in the Elden Ring are the ruins near the Siofra River Well Depths and the Uhl Palace Ruins south of the Ainsel River Main. The unclean farmers should choose the area of ​​the Siofra River, since the enemy’s position is lower than the Ainsel River. From the Site of Grace near the Siofra River Well lift, head northeast to the illuminated ruins. Inside, the player can see many javelin-wielding Claymans patrolling the area and loitering. Kill them all and quickly return to Grace Point to start over.

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It is highly recommended to equip the Silver Beetle Charm and eat Silver Soaked Chicken Legs before farming. These two items will greatly increase one’s item discovery rate, causing weapons to drop at a higher rate. In addition, explosive AoE skills or wide area attacks will help with the farming process, which is a bit faster than killing monsters one by one. Those still out of luck in the ruins can find Clayman near the waterfall next to the elevator that leads to the upper floors of the site. With enough patience and perseverance, Clayman’s harpoon will eventually drop into a Dull state.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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