Elden Ring: How To Get Lhutel the Headless Spirit Ashes

One of the best legendary spiritual ashes in the world Elden’s ring What the Tarnished can gain early in their journey is the headless Lhutel, a tomb knight who can disappear in the middle of battle and teleport for short distances. The headless Lhutel’s unique ability to wink and launch ghostly spears at enemies at will makes this Spirit Summon a very powerful ally. Furthermore, the FP cost is at Elden’s ring Relatively low at 104 points.

The Headless Lhutel can be obtained by defeating the Graveyard Shade in the Tombward Catacombs of the Weeping Peninsula. To reach this site, Tarnished must head south from Limgrave and cross the Bridge of Sacrifice to enter the Peninsula subregion. Head south until you reach the walls of Castle More, then walk northwest to the outskirts of Eileen. Cross the wooden bridge guarded by demi-human assassins and follow the path that leads to the pilgrimage church. Upon reaching the church, head down the wide slope to the southwest. To the player’s right are the ruins of the Necropolis, and the Necropolis’s catacombs will be directly east of these ruins.

After entering the Tombsward Catacombs Elden’s ringThe tarnished person will notice a cloud-like seal with the Imp’s Sealing Statue. The Stone Sword key is not required to enter this dungeon, only if the player wants to get the Nomad Warrior recipe [9].

Lhutel Headless position in Elden Ring

From the Imp Seal Statue, go down the stairs to the left to find the Boss’s lair locked behind the door. To open it, Tarnished must activate a lever hidden in the Tombsward Catacombs. Turn right and go through the small room while paying attention to the skeleton. Continue down the hallway guarded by more skeletons and find the one with the fire trap at the end. This trap can be nullified by shooting an arrow at it or casting long-range spells on it. Also, Tarnished can hide in the small niche on the left, but watch out for the skeletons lurking inside Elden’s ring.

When the fire trap collapses, jump on it and attack it again to reach the hidden floor above. Go down two aisles to find a statue with a lever. Pull the lever and return to the entrance to the Tombsward Catacombs to fight the Graveyard Shade. The Graveyard Ball is very soft and easily wobbles when attacked by multiple opponents such as Lonely Wolf Ash. However, beware of the high-damage Bleed Slash, which can kill low-level adventurers with a single shot or two. After being defeated, Shadow of the Graveyard will drop Lhutel, headless soul ashes Elden’s ring.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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