Elden Ring: How To Get Every Spelldrake Talisman

Spelldrake Talisman is an accessory Elden’s ring Can increase one’s ability to negate magic damage by 13%. There are also two upgrade variants of this amulet that further increase the negative value by 17% and 20% respectively. The Amulet of Spelldrake is a must for unclean adventurers battling elite enemies or bosses that primarily use magic. It can also be useful to explore Raya Lucaria’s witch-filled Legacy Dungeon.

However, keep in mind that the Wyrm Charm’s Magic Damage Reduction value is debugged when participating in PvP. More specifically, spells and their upgraded versions will reflect 4%, 5%, and 6% magic damage respectively. Therefore, adventurers looking for more defensive options against Moonveil Katana’s Moonlight or Legendary Destruction Stars are advised to look elsewhere, as Charms are best replaced with more active alternatives. However, they are very effective in PvE situations.

Basic version of Spelldrake Talisman Elden’s ring Can be found early game at the Weeping Peninsula in South Lyngrave. To obtain it, the Tarnished Pilgrims must defeat the Runebear Boss in the Earthbore Cave, a cave hidden in a small ravine west of the Forest Tower Lookout. Elden’s ring.

All Spelldrake locations in Elden Ring

Spelldrake Talisman +1 is located northwest of Selia, the witch town in the middle of Kelid. The amulet is a chest enclosed behind a magical barrier below the balcony, containing the Rod of Lost. To dispel the mysterious seal, the dark explorers had to light braziers with blue flames atop towers scattered throughout the town. The player can activate three braziers in Sellia. One is in the bell tower in the northwest corner. Another can be found to the left of the town’s south entrance, and the third is next to a row of buildings on the east side.

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Spelldrake Talisman +2 is quite hard to find. It requires Tarnished to enter the Hidden Path in Halitree and explore the area’s secret catacombs. Once you’ve collected both sides of the secret Harry G. Terry Medallion, use Roald’s Great Elevator to access the hidden path to Halg Terry. Inside this area, follow the central stairs to the circular balcony, then descend to the illusion floor below, which leads to the location of the Silver Scarab Amulet. Heading north, head towards the open entrance on the opposite wall. Next, turn left and walk down the invisible slope to another secret crypt in the distance. Jump off the domed platform and enter a room filled with land octopuses and insignificant militiamen. In the room in front of the boss room, go down the hallway to the right and take the elevator to a hidden alcove. Here the tarnished pilgrims will be in Elden’s ring.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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