Elden Ring: How to Find (& Use) The Wakizashi

Wakizashi is a melee weapon Elden’s ring Under the dagger weapon. This is a special dagger that causes accumulation of blood loss (38), and the player can use it against other katanas in the game. Elden’s ring. Wakizashi can be found in the Dungeon on the outskirts of Khalid near Galilee Castle.

The player can quickly travel to Gael Fort’s Grace Site of Fort Gael North of Grace Site, closest to Gaol’s Cave. After the player enters Gaol’s Cave, another Grace Location called “Gaol Cave” will appear, using this as a fast-travel spot at close range. Gaol Cave is a puzzle cave with traps, enemies, dead ends, and shortcuts. To get Wakizashi, the player must find a switch that opens the cell door from within the cave.

The cave itself is a maze, so players should not return to the path they came from before pressing the switch inside the cave. The switch itself will be in a small room with miniature enemies inside Elden’s ring Use a bleeding weapon. Be careful with their quick attacks and smoke bombs, as the room is designed for players to ambush.

How to find the Prison Cavern switch in the Elden Ring

When the player presses the switch, all portals in the cave will open. This leads to a new path and loot area where the player will find Wakizashi in 1 of the opened tiles. Elden’s ring Players should also be aware that all enemies trapped in cells will step out and flood into the cave. Players should be careful, as all of these enemies will self-destruct and cause other nearby enemies to do the same.

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Players should try to kill them before they explode or retreat. In order for the player to use Wakizashi properly, the player needs 9 attributes of Strength and 13 attributes of Dexterity. Wakizashi mainly scales with agility and strength Elden’s ring. It is a very good weapon for building agility.

Wakizashi comes with Ash of War Quickstep, which allows the player to perform dodges without pressing the dodge scroll button. It has the same animation as stepping back, but allows the player to take 0 damage for a short period of time. As explained in the description of Ash of War, players can use this Ash of War to zone enemies for easy backstabbing or dodging.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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