Elden Ring: How To Complete White-Faced Varré’s Questline

white is Eldon’s Ring The Pilgrims of the Stained will be the first to be encountered as they begin their adventure in the Middle Lands. Standing near the location of Grace’s First Steps, Varré will gently welcome the protagonist into the world as a desperate new adventurer, no longer a virgin. He will guide them to Stormveil, where they must face and defeat the paired Godric. While he may seem like a side character with nothing to say, White-Faced Varré has a short but interesting questline for the Stained follower.

The first step in the quest White-Faced Varré Elden’s ring Defeat Godric. After defeating Margit or entering the roundtable, the player can meet him again to hear some new dialogue, but this is not necessary to continue his story. However, once the demigod of Storm Veil is defeated, Defiled will encounter the mysterious Whiteface Varré a second time at the Rose Church in Liuurnia.

The Rosary Church is located on an island between Raya Lucaria Academy and the village of Albinaurics. Upon arrival, the player will find Varré standing in front of the entrance to the church’s ruins. He will give the protagonist five festering blood fingers, allowing the player to invade other players’ worlds. After using three fingers, talk to him again in front of the Rose Church. Remember, it doesn’t matter whether the player succeeds or is killed in the invasion attempt.

Complete the Whiteface Varré quest sequence in the Elden Ring

After completing three invasions and returning to Varré, he was tasked with soaking a cloth called the Lord of Blood’s Favor in the Finger Maiden’s blood. There are two options to complete this task. First, adventurers can reach the Chapel of the Suppression on the hilltop south of the Dectus Elevator. The Dead Maiden and Finger Maiden armor sets in the cathedral can provide the necessary amount of health. Alternatively, the Stained One can go to the Chapel of Expectation in the game’s start area by activating the second portal at the Four Bell Towers in Western Liurnia. Lying on the church floor was the body of a maiden whose remains would defile the King of Blood Beasts.

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Next, in a creepy scene, Varré will show the player their own finger is the Bloody Finger. He will also grant the Defilement of the Order of the Pure Blood Knight, an item that can be used to teleport the player to Mogwynn Palace near the entrance to the Royal Tomb. In the central swamp of Mohgwyn Palace, Varré will attempt to invade the player twice. After his second invasion fails, the Stained One will receive his armor set. Finally, go to the tunnel near the entrance to the Royal Tomb and invade Varré’s world. Kill him to get Varré’s Bouquet Hammer and complete your quest Eldon’s Ring.

Eldon’s Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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