Eddie’s Death May Have Given Stranger Things 5 A Major Ending Problem

While Eddie Monson’s tragic sacrifice at the end of the season couldn’t have been more perfect, it created a real problem for him. Strange things like the fifth season Strange things The way the theme of death is handled has changed a lot over the four seasons of the show.exist Strange things In season one, death comes with incredible speed and brutality for lovable, unworthy supporting characters like Barb and Benny. Meanwhile, the most influential deaths in the first season, from the discovery of Will’s body to Eleven’s sacrifice to Dr. Brenner’s attack on Mogorgon, have all proven to be fake. . Strange things In the second season, the show takes a more extreme approach.

This season has seen some of the scariest moments come Strange thingsespecially Bob’s death was a tragic, macabre accident. Strange things The third season changed tactics again, killing a large number of Hawkins’ residents without much fanfare and massively increasing the show’s death toll. Strange things The finale of season four emphasizes this approach further and deals with the show’s most tragic death to date. Unfortunately, while Eddie Monson’s death proves it Strange things Finally knowing how to deal with death, this scene could be a problem for season five.

Eddie’s Death in ‘Stranger Things 5’ Will Be Hard to Overcome

primarily Strange things The scale and impact of the deaths increased, starting with the unexpected death of young dog Barb, leading to the death of lovable little Bob, and then leading up to the final battle to redeem Billy. . Strange things The end of season 4 made some mistakes and the only choice in this episode was the death of Eddie. The problem now is Strange things Season five is expected to outgrow Eddie’s sacrifice, which will be no small feat. Not only is being devoured by a bat while tearing apart a guitar solo in “Upside Down” has an astonishing death-like impact, but Eddie’s tragic story amplifies the emotions so much.

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Eddie’s entire story is based on the idea that he’s a typical outsider. Throughout the fourth season, Eddie is both a troubled kid who’s derailed and a warm-hearted nerd character familiar in countless teen movies. This concoction doesn’t seem to work, but thanks to ’80s demonic scares, it makes sense Dungeons and Dragons-Haunted Dork is also a fearsome, misunderstood loner. Unfortunately, Strange things Season five will try to pick up a memorable new character like Eddie. Even if the show was ultimately successful, the show couldn’t get over his death.

Killing the minor characters won’t cause Stranger Things to end any benefits

Eddie Manson (Joseph Quinn) in Stranger Things

the biggest problem is Strange things The problem season five faces is that the show can’t simply create another memorable supporting character so the show gets killed off. Season one timed (barely) established Barb, season two established Joyce and Bob, and seasons two and three turned Billy into a complicated villain before finally being redeemed. However, Strange things Season four devoted a few episodes to Eddie’s story, and when season five had to wrap up the entire series, there simply wasn’t time to do so. like this, Strange things The fifth season cannot rely on killing the supporting character, but must endanger the main character in order to make an impact.

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