Who is Dylan Mortensen? Biography, boyfriend, age & is she the Idaho murder suspect?

Who is Dylan Mortensen? Biography, boyfriend, age & facts about Idaho University student.

Dylan Mortensen (born in 2001) is a survivor of the University of Idaho killings in 2022. This American girl was one of the people who were murdered in the early hours of November 13, 2022. Dylan first came to public attention in January 2023, when she was spotted outside her home. She went to Starbucks to cheer herself up because she was devastated by her friends’ murders.

Dylan Mortensen Biography & Profile Summary

Mortensen was born in 2001 and will be 22 years old in 2023. She was born and raised in the United States of America, in the city of Boise, Idaho. Her roommates and she live separately, while her parents live in the same city.

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Dylan Mortensen Education and Career

Dylan completed her schooling at Boise Senior High School. At present, she is pursuing her graduation from the University of Idaho. She is a bright student and is just focusing on her studies at the moment.

Besides being a student she is also a Tik Tok star with a fan following of many thousand people. She likes uploading her videos and a few of them also includes her roommates and friends.

Idaho Killings: Murder, Survivor, and Suspect

On the night of November 13, 2022, four roommates were found dead on the second and third floor at their residence at 1122 King Road House in Moscow, Idaho. When the crime was reported to the police, it was found out that, there were not four but six people there on the night of the incident.

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All of them were students of the University of Idaho. They were Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xane Kernodle, Ethan Chapen, Dylan Mortensen, and Bethany Funke. Among them, the first four were killed while the other two survived.

After further investigation, police found that the four students were murdered by being brutally stabbed. After one and a half months after the murder an arrest was made on December 30, 2022, based on Dylan’s statement.

Idhao Killings suspect Bryan Kohberger

Bryan Christopher Kohberger, a 28 years old man was arrested in Pennsylvania for killing the four students. After checking his phone records it was found that he visited the crime scene quite a few times before committing the murder. His DNA was also found on the murder weapon. Amidst the ongoing investigation, he is being held in Lata County Jail.

Dylan Mortensen Latest News

For some weeks, the Idaho Killings survivor kept their identity a secret. But after revealing her identity, Dylan gave the description of the killer in her statement. She also admitted that, after hearing the noises from outside, she opened her bedroom door twice.

She claimed that she was in a state of shock after the murder and thus she went to her parent’s house in Boise, Idaho. Recently, she was seen in public for the first time almost after two months which created a buzz all around the media.

Dylan Mortensen Height & Weight

Miss Mortensen is a tall and beautiful youngster. She is 5 feet and inches tall and weighs only 52 kilograms. Furthermore, she has blonde hair with Hazel-colored eyes and a fair complexion.

  • 1. Who is Dylan Mortensen? She is a Tik Tok star and one of the survivors of the Idaho Killings.
  • 2. How old is Mortensen? As per some sources, she is 22 years old (as of 2023).
  • 3. Is Dylan in a relationship? She is currently single.
  • 4. Where is Dylan now? She is currently living at her parent’s house in Idaho.
  • 5. Who was the other Idaho Killing survivor with Dylan? Bethany Funke and Mortensen were the only survivors of the Idaho Killings.
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