Dylan Minnette Movie & Roles: Where You Recognize The 13 Reasons Why Star

Here’s a quick guide to film and TV roles 13 reasons why Indiana-born Dylan Minnette star started acting as a kid and played a younger version of Charlie Sheen’s character Charlie Harper on the CBS sitcom, His Television Debut Complete any male house. He also played young Michael Schofield in the first two seasons. escape and had one-off roles on shows like drake and josh And gray anatomy.

he made his debut in the holiday drama remake year without Santa Claus then got a role in a live movie snow friends And group. After playing a string of roles once on the show, including whisper ghost, psychologist, And SupernaturalMinnette had a starring role in the crime drama as Clay Norman, grandson of protagonist Holly Hunter life saver The show ran for three seasons from 2007 to 2010. In 2010, he also played Dr. Jack Shepard’s son David in the flashback timeline of The Flash’s final season in four episodes. lost.

In the early 2010s, Dylan Minnette played in Medium, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit And serious crime In addition to landing more roles, such as four episodes in turn as Reed in the TNT comedy series men of a certain age Talk about short-lived police fantasy drama with Rex Britten awaken. He then played the role of Donnie Gill in two episodes. The leader’s minions and appeared in several episodes Scandal Fitz and Meryl Grant’s eldest son, Jerry Grant Jr., met a rough end in the show’s season 3 finale.

Although his film work was not as successful as his television career, Minnette still had a few film roles. He played bully Kenny in the 2010 horror film let me in – a remake of the critically acclaimed 2008 Swedish film of the same name – starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin labor day. He had a small role as the son of Hugh Jackman’s character in the 2013 horror film Prisoner and appeared in the Disney family comedy Alexander and the terrible, terrible, bad, very bad day with Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner. Since then, he has had many forays into horror films let me instarring with black jack goosebumpsFede Álvarez .’s acclaimed scary festival don’t breathe and Netflix Originals Opening day.

Of course, Dylan Minnette is best known for playing Clay Jensen on the Netflix teen drama series. 13 reasons why. He starred in all three seasons and was praised for his portrayal of the late teenage girl’s friend Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). 13 reasons why One can see him taking on the role when the show airs its fourth and final season.

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