Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.4.0

Finding a place you can manage is very difficult. No one will let you do that unless you qualify or have it. But Dungeon Village 2 can help you do it easily. The game will allow you to build a village at will. A daring dungeon-type village. Everything is arranged by you according to your thoughts and aesthetics. A place that will help you relax.

Dungeons and farm building games are two different genres. Each type will be a type of player with its own personal preferences. But what if two genres could combine to create a masterpiece? Dungeon Village 2 is the answer to this question, an extremely bold direction. When you play, you will find that this game is very close, the pixel graphics are very simple. Eye-catching colors and sparkling effects make everyone enjoy. This is the feeling players have been looking for. You are the soon-to-be manager of a village run by yourself.

Download Dungeon Village 2 Mod – Dungeon Village Manager

First, you will get a lot of land as start-up capital. Let’s start building a huge fortune for yourself from here. A unique and special village. The people there are carefully selected heroes, brave warriors. When you build a nice house, they will start coming. Make your village the best place to keep these heroes. Take them to the greatest challenge and destroy the monsters. Make them bow to your limitless power. Make your village really famous, more and more heroes stop here.

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Dungeon Village 2 mod download

manage your village

The village was founded with the noble purpose of bringing peace. Use your money to hire the best carpenter to build a solid house. Create here where the heroes rest and live. Build a garden to grow the food you need for everyday life. The things harvested can be exchanged for money, giving you more capital. Build a weapon forge to create effective combat tools. Sell ​​to heroes in need to make them stronger. face increasing challenges. Help you earn more money.

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crafting items

In your village, there is an old witch with a long history. She has strange spells that might surprise you. She has a magic cauldron and can cook food however she likes. You just need to provide all the necessary ingredients to cook a new dish. These items help fighters deal with monsters in the arena. Use amulets to increase their attack and defense. Craft a health potion that restores health and damage taken in battle. Let the wizard help you fulfill your dream of conquering challenging levels. Create a magical place.

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monster recruitment

Powerful monsters in the level are defeated by heroes. You can decide whether to recruit this monster to the hero team or not. Monsters have properties that heroes don’t have. An effective minion can support your team on the harsh battlefield. Once you understand the full potential of these monsters, you will gain various benefits. Take them into battle to avoid casualties for your heroes. Be kind to them, make them more loyal to you, and give your all in important battles. Don’t ignore potential monsters and miss out on powerful allies.

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Dungeon Village 2 mod apk free

Lead your army to the whereabouts of those fairies. Fight them all in the most difficult and dramatic duels. Complete statistics on the number of people and rational use of redundant items. Build a team strong enough to fight an all-out battle of offense and defense. Don’t let the heroes fall until you defeat them. Join the Dungeon Village 2 mod and discover the biggest monsters. These guys live in the wild with unique abilities. Recruit them to your team for a vital source of power. Earn lots of money and make your village more developed over the years.

Download Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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