Dua Lipa Casts A Spell As DC’s Zatanna In New Fan Art

A new fan art imagining Dua Lipa as a real person Zatanna. Created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson for 1964 hawks #4, Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of Batman’s escape arts mentor, Giovanni “John” Zatara. As a mage both on stage and in real life, Zatanna is able to cast some powerful spells by reading spells backwards, a skill that has earned her the title of Supreme Witch of DC. In the comics, the first few episodes revolve around Zatanna finding her father and learning more about her mother, Syndra’s past. After fully displaying her super-powered personality, Zatanna joined the Justice League to fight alongside some of DC’s most popular heroes.

Although Zatanna has appeared in many animated shows, her only credible live appearance was in small townplayed by Serinda Swan. Once upon a time, it was reported that Zatanna would appear in a James Gunn movie suicide squadbut these were canceled by the director. Last year, the WB announced that they were developing a live-action Zatanna movie. promising young woman Director Emerald Fennell wrote the script. However, there have been no updates on the film since then. It was recently rumored that Dua Lipa is in talks with DC for a new movie. While there’s no word on how true this story is, die-hard fans of the franchise have speculated that she could play Zatanna. The WB and DC have yet to comment on the reports, but that hasn’t stopped fans from fantasizing about the possibilities.

Sharing a new fan poster now Michael Junu Imagine Dua Lipa on Twitter would love DCEU’s Zatanna. This captivating image pays homage to Zatanna’s Maithuna practice as she captivates the audience with her tantric magic. Check out the fan art below.

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Zatanna’s new poster art could be the most authentic look at the character if she’s played by the iconic pop star. Her signature hat and colored eyes have been beautifully captured by the artist, while the card and rose accessories in the background reflect Mistress of Magic’s superpowers and her personality in the background. comic. Dua Lipa has long been a fan of the role, and the new poster highlights that she really is the perfect choice for the role, both physically and mentally.

While Dua Lipa would certainly make for a great Zatanna, as evidenced by the captivating artwork, it’s hard to guess whether or not she’ll actually play the part. Let’s consider a Zatanna A movie is in the works and the singer also has her first movie role with Matthew Vaughn Argyll. But at the end of the day, it depends on Lipa’s personal interests and the direction the World Bank wants to take to make such a deal. Should Lipa end the role at any point, it could help pave the way for the DCEU to introduce some more enigmatic characters like John Constantine and the Thirteenth Doctor. On the other hand, there is also an option to connect Zatanna with Matt Reeves Batman In the film, a comic book-like romance could unfold between Lipa’s Zatanna and Robert Pattinson’s bodyguard.

source: Michael Junu/Twitter

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