Dreamdale MOD APK (Unlimited resources) 1.0.23

As a seasoned lumberjack, embark on an adventure of discovering something new in Dreamdale. All necessary work such as excavation, construction, mining, farming… are done by woodcutters. When the game starts, the player is given an ax and a bag. Of course, the ax is used to cut down trees and create new paths. The backpack is a place to store the equipment and items that the player drops during the move. Collect all these items to serve the necessary work for the construction on the deserted island. Players need to plant and harvest the first crops to make food.

Players can grow crops and live with people. From there collect and accumulate gold coins, armor sets to explore the dragon’s lair. Every time I set foot in a new land. You are expanding your territory and drawing your own fairy tale. Each new location corresponds to a difficult task for the player to overcome. With each different location visited, the player will have a new character. If at sea, the player needs to be a fisherman who can fish and sail. To mine, you must be a miner who knows how to mine minerals. If you want to build a strong castle, become a builder.

Download Dreamdale mod – transform into many different characters in your empire building

Dreamdale’s operation is relatively simple and easy to use. On the right hand side there is a moving circle to change the character’s direction. If in your adventure of discovery, you encounter enemies that stand in your way. Players can touch the character to shoot guns and shoot arrows at opponents. The player is taken to a maze with obstacles such as wooden boxes, fire fields, thorns … must overcome them and their enemies, at the end of the room there is a stone door. Just go through this gray door, the player can pass the game. That’s when the player enters the game screen to fight the opponent. The other modes are equally interesting.

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Valley of Dreams Apk Free

Explore the desert island

Dreamdale offers a wide variety of islands ranging from terrain to climate. Each island has certain characteristics that require players to have activities to explore it. The island is covered with a thick layer of snow. Trees, like cacti, are only suitable for the cold climate here, and the houses are just wooden huts. The spawn island is covered with green grass. The partition wall is a wooden fence made of bamboo, sugar cane, etc. Or the stone island is designed with dark gray tones. The island is covered with rocks of different sizes. Only dry branches remained and only the skeletons of animals on the ground remained.

Valley of Dreams apk


When the player has cleared a stump, rock, or puddle. It’s time to build your island from collected items. When there is space to build, a yellow arrow will appear here. After clicking this arrow, the items that the player needs to build this area will be displayed. Small brown squares can also be added. Then use it to grow tomatoes, eggplants, rice, corn, etc. Every time the player does a mining or building operation, a purple arrow will appear. Use it to fill the upper energy bar to complete an island.

Valley of Dreams Mod APK


When the player arrives at a huge golden castle, the king and queen live there. There are subordinates with bad intentions to harm the king. Your mission is to transform into a genius knight with extraordinary abilities. Use the weapons you pick up along the way. Use them against minions, vicious mutant monsters. Having a war zone, containing dragons is even more terrifying. Blue, white and red dragons with sharp fangs that can fly. Use your trained moves to kill these dragons. Wearing a gray knight uniform, holding a red spear.

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Valley of Dreams Mod

A character wants to change character in a new area. In addition to changing auxiliary skills, you also need to change the corresponding outfit. For example, a woodcutter usually wears a beige suit and wields a sharp ax. He carried a brown bag on his back. The hero wears a green overalls with a brown belt and cape. Holding a white sword, riding on the back of a pink pig. Or pair a red long-sleeve t-shirt with blue jeans. Download the Dreamdale mod and discover exciting new islands.

Download Dreamdale MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) for Android

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