Dreading summer already? Frigidaire’s smart window air conditioner lets you cool on demand

Unlike CES 2016, there’s no wall-to-wall smart home equipment at this year’s Kitchen & Bath Show. However, Frigidaire has brought back its redesigned Gallery Cool Connect room air conditioner, which has an updated design.

There are not many smart air conditioners on the market. Quirky has one, and Sensibo and Tado are devices that retrofit existing window units and allow you to control them remotely. Considering the popularity of the Nest and the fact that many people don’t have central air conditioning, being able to turn on a portable unit using an app when you’re 15 minutes from home makes a lot of sense. Walking into a sticky sauna-like house is horrible, but you don’t want to leave it running all day if no one is home to enjoy it. There’s also a schedule feature, so you can set it to cool your room, as long as it’s around 450 square feet, to 70 degrees every day at 6:30 p.m.

Frigidaire’s new design takes advantage of that convenience, but also adds a few updates to the previous version. The front grill, which should resemble high-end speakers, is attached with magnets. When it gets nasty you can remove it and clean it and replace the filter every few months. (Of course, the iOS and Android app will also remind you when it’s time.) Vents are placed on top of the unit, which push air up and then out, helping it cool more efficiently, according to Frigidaire.

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The Cool Connect will be out this spring for $329. That’s quite a bit more than many other 8,000 BTU air conditioners, but Frigidaire hopes you live for beauty and brains.

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