Who Is Kris ‘Kallmekris’ Collins Dating Post Ex-boyfriend?

On platforms such as Tiktok and Youtube, hairdresser turned social media influencer Kallmekris posts comedy and drama sketches, Tiktok reaction videos, personal life vlogs, fun videos, POV content, fashion-related content, beauty videos, and product vlogs. Her impression of Steve Harvey and the character play of the self-made role of Janet and her son Riley on Tiktok have become super popular.

She is known by the nickname “kallmekris” rather than her birth name Kris Collins. The name is derived from her TikTok channel, which she opened in April 2020.

And her viewership is rising every day. She has 47.8 million followers on TikTok and 2.4 million followers on Instagram. With such rising popularity, Kallmekris’s personal life has also been a matter of huge curiosity.

Read the full article to learn about her current dating status and sexuality.

Is Kallmekris russian?

Born on July 1, 1966, Kallmekris is a Canadian social media personality who got viral on TikTok in 2020, the year she joined the platform. On platforms such as Tiktok and Youtube, she posts comedy and drama sketches, Tiktok reaction videos, personal life vlogs, POV content, fashion-related content, beauty videos, and product vlogs. Her impression of Steve Harvey on Tiktok has become super popular.

She has spoken in different accents in some of her videos, which may have led fans people think that she may be of a particular nationality based on how she sounded.

Fans ask if Kallmekris is a boy or a girl…get the answer

Kallmekris spoke about her sexuality in her Youtube video titled, “Tell All Q&A | Relationships, Sexuality, Strange Encounters, Kids & More,” posed on October 2013. The video was made in a question-answer format through which Kallmekris answered many questions she got from her fans.

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To the question if she had been “an ally or the member of the LGBTIQ+ community,” she explained that she had opted not to label herself but related her likeliness towards both genders or towards any other sexual orientation to being pansexual.

Does Kallmekris have a boyfriend, or is she still dating Aaron?

Since Kallmekris was not much active in the social media sphere before the pandemic’s lockdown, fans have only been able to get info from what she has dislocated later in her interviews. Personality-wise, she has described herself as an “introverted extrovert” who spends most of her time indoors but also could easily adjust to social settings.

In many of her videos, she has said she doesn’t have many friends. She usually tends to keep the intricate details of her dating life private.

Previously, as far as we know, the TikTok star had been in a longtime relationship with her ex-boyfriend Aaron Brown since she first met him at a barbeque party nearly six years ago, between 2016 to 2017. Their first date then after took place on her birthday, which she found enjoyable and later recalled as “It was so much fun” in a combined video, in which they also answered questions related to kids, buying a house together, and who proposed first.

The pair disclosed that they saw Mad Max, went to Mcdonald’s, and stayed in their hotel till the morning, talking with one another.

Later in 2021, Kallmekris confirmed that their relationship had been over. After fans found their social media posts no longer resonated with their previous excellent chemistry, they constantly asked her about their relationship status.

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After fans constantly asked her if she and her boyfriend were still together or separated, she eventually took to her TikTok to address the question.

On October 14, she first posted a video on her TikTok handle [@kallmewhateveryouwant] and then dropped a message in the comment section.

Her message confirmed that she had broken up with her boyfriend, as she wrote:

Tired of being asked if we’re together…we’re still good friends and we care for each other dearly. Just grew apart

“tbh i dont wanna talk about this Kris, did u and Aaron, broke up,” a fan asked her again, to which she replied, “Yup.”

Kallmekris confirms the break up with her ex-boyfriend Aaron Brown. (Source: TikTok)

In the same video, she also confirmed that she was never engaged to Brown — or anyone else.

Following that, Kallmekris posted videos hinting she was single.

In an August 2020 Twitter post, he had dedicated the message to his girlfriend, Kallmekris, “5 years later, Happy Anniversary, My Love. Take my hand. ‘Take my whole life too. For I can’t help falling in love with you.'”

Why did Kris Collins and Aaron Brown’s relationship turn sour?

Before diving into the split details, it would only be right to revisit Collins and Brown’s relationship.

After they met each other at a party, they struck up a conversation and planned a date. They chose Collins’ birthday for their first date.

“It was so fun,” the TikTok star shared in her September 2020 video. “We saw Mad Max. It was on my birthday. We went to McDonalds, we got chicken nuggets.”

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The two even celebrated their fifth dating anniversary in August 2020, and on that day, Brown wrote a beautiful message for his beloved girlfriend in a now-deleted Instagram post.

In October 2021, fans started inquiring if she and Brown were still together after noticing the internet influencer posting cryptic posts.

Some also created a thread on Reddit with the heading, “Is it true Aaron and Kris broke up?”

“I heard from a user on Wattpad that they broke up, hence Kris’s break from social media. Is this true? (I hope not, they were so happy together),” a user wrote on the platform.

Another added, “Looks like all of their pictures of each other on Instagram are gone and in her YT Q&A video she put out today, when the question ‘Are you in a relationship?’ came up, all she says is ‘next.'”

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