Dlg forms the sweetest friendship with a man experiencing homelessness

Metropolitan Detroit Bear, a stray dog, stopped searching for food because he was so bored living alone. The Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) posted a video of the bear on its S.unday website with the caption:

The bear was so depressed that he did not want to raise his head to eat; spending nearly five years in the crib staring at the same walls becomes boring.

Despite his tragic past, Bear has a lovable and kind personality, according to his adoption records:

Despite the fact that the previous owner avoided it… I’m sure you’d never guess. You have no grudges! There was never a cuter kid than him! Bear is an adorable couch potato that just wants to be loved. He is loyal and friendly. A cute, lively and content dog is looking for a home where he will receive all the love he needs.

The bear has been crate and pot trained and can follow simple commands.

Bear is clearly suffering from isolation, but no one wants to give him a chance. According to g.group rescue, Bear is a couch potato who loves everyone. But neither cats nor small dogs are allowed into his new home.

Let everyone know that Bear is being adopted so he can live happily ever after. There’s a perfect match out there for him!

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