Disney Emoji Blitz MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping) 54.2.0

APK information of Disney Emoji Blitz MOD

Disney Emoji Blitz mod version


  • Unlimited Diamonds, Gold Keys.

V2 . menu

  • Buy coins and hearts with gems.
  • Quests can be exchanged even if you don’t have enough gems.
  • No ads.

If you were a huge fan of cartoon characters, then Disney made a big impression on you in your childhood. Then for sure, this will be the game for you, Disney Emoji Blizt. Touch and sculpt characters from the world famous Disney Animation Studios. Combine the candy game genre like the famous Candy Crush game. Promises to bring you a feeling of happiness. The moments when playing this game are reminiscent of childhood.

Disney Emoji Blitz is a timed puzzle game. Your goal is to complete the missions of each level of the game within the given time. The challenges are not too difficult. But to achieve it in a limited time also requires your own ingenuity and observation. When you look at it graphically, it will always give you a sense of familiarity. It’s Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and a bunch of other familiar characters.

Download Disney Emoji Blitz mod – immerse in the world of childhood

The gameplay is based on the scoring game that most gamers are very familiar with. Disney Emoji Blitz has many levels. Complete the first level to enter the second level. As you go up to the next level, the difficulty will increase gradually. Each level of the game will have a square made up of a certain number of expressions. Your task is to move one of the expressions in four directions to get a sequence of three or four of the same expressions. They will glow and disappear leaving you with the corresponding score.

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The task of each level is to collect a sufficient number of boards of a certain type. You have to collect them by aligning 3 or 4 expressions above. When you collect enough coins, the timer will stop and you will win the level. Every time you reach a certain level, you will receive many gifts. Collect new, more beautiful emojis to add to the next game level. There are more than 2200 kinds of cartoon character expressions. The gameplay of Disney Emoji Blitz will make you feel very relaxed and light.

Disney Emoji Blitz Mod 1

winning special ability

In addition to providing the unchanging traditional gameplay of legendary puzzle games. Disney Emoji Blitz also has another special mechanic in the game. As you move 4 or more expressions, they combine to form a special expression with many interesting functions. When you merge 4 in a row, you’ll get a cloud expression accompanied by thunder. Activating this expression shocks and erases all expressions in one line. Or when combined into 5 members, it will form a 7-color star that can scan every expression on the screen. This creates an extremely varied and well-thought-out gameplay for the game.

Disney Emoji Blitz mod APK

Receive event gifts

Every day of the year, every hour of the year, the game is updated with many events. Depends on the time of year. Each such seasonal event will be assigned a letter that matches that event, to represent coherence and logic. Events will include mini-games or side quests. You’ll need to craft them at the main level to get the event’s exclusive rewards. Hurry up because attractive and attractive gifts are waiting for you to receive at special events.

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Disney Emoji Blitz Mod Free

Incredible milestone achieved

As you reach the level milestones in the game. At the beginning of the level, you will be rewarded with very attractive rewards, such as having one or more powers. Or other new manifestations of support items or attractive characters. Or take the sidewalk challenge on the level. Like collecting certain expressions from a character. Create more charged clouds and 7-color stars. Disney Emoji Blitz gives you all the benefits of receiving gifts in any way. And the gifts after each milestone will naturally increase, so please work hard when playing.

Free Disney Emoji Blitz

Bright graphics, fun music is a big plus. Combined with a cute interface suitable for the little ones. Disney Emoji Blitz is a very special and engaging educational game for kids. As for young people and even married people. The game will be a journey that takes you back to childhood memories associated with immortal cartoon characters in your heart. Download Disney Emoji Blitz now and start an exciting trip into the memory domain!

Download Disney Emoji Blitz MOD APK for Android (Menu/Free Shopping)

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