Tristan Thompson Brothers: Dishawn, Daniel, Amari Thompson

Thompson is one of the best basketball players, who has been in the NBA since 2011. Besides him, fans have taken some interest in the Tristan Thompson brothers as well.

tristan thompson with his mother andrea and brother amari thompson on a car
Tristan with his mother Andrea and brother AmariImage Source: Instagram

Since Tristan was connected with Khole Kardashian, fans have taken even more interest in Tristan’s family. So let’s dive into the article.

Tristan Thompson Brothers:

A professional Canadian-American basketball player, Tristan only has his brothers in the family as he doesn’t count his father in the family. When Tristan’s mother passed away, this broke everyone’s heart and yet, Tritan didn’t try to fix his relationship with his father.

Tristan Thompon brothers are Dishawn, Daniels, and Amari Thompson, they are very close to each other. After their parent’s death, they have come even closer and holds a strong bond.

Dishawn Thompson

Tristan Thompson brother, Dishawn Thompson was born on May 3, 1995, in Canada. He is the second son of Trevor Thompson and the late Andrea Thompson. Currently, Thompson is 28 years old.

Dishawn had an incredible childhood but growing up had to see many rough days. But things turned in a positive direction after his brother Tristan got a chance to play in the NBA.

It is not known what career he chooses to be in when he completes college. But in 2020, out of nowhere, Thompson was seen releasing his first music video. Since then, he has been constantly trying and has uploaded numerous videos on his YouTube channel.

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He has been consistent with his music videos and getting tons of views, but he is unable to touch 1K subscribers. Besides that, Dishawn can also be seen promoting his music video on his Instagram account.

Recently, a controversy was born between Khole Kardashian and Dishawn. First, Dishawn writes a cryptic message about the help given by the Kardashians during his mother’s death.

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With that, people began to throw inappropriate talks about Kardashian. But things later settle down as Dishawn clarifies that the message he wrote wasn’t about them but about something else.

On the other hand, Thompson is growing as a music artist and soon could be on people’s favorite music list. He can be reached through his Instagram id @realbigcoach.

Daniel Thompson

Among the three Tristan brothers, Daniel Thompson hasn’t got much fame. He was born after Tristan and Dishawn to Trevor and the late Andrea Thompson.

tristan with his brother tristan thompson
Tristan Thompson with his brother Daniel ThompsonImage Source: Instagram

He had a pretty good start in his early life as he got the chance to live a luxurious life because of his brother, Tristan.

Other than that, Daniel is working on his baseball career. Like his brother Tristan, he wants to be a great basketball player.

While playing basketball, he even won the Ontario Cup. And with that win, Tristan supported his work and wished for a better career ahead.

Amari Thompson

Amari Thompson is the most famous and the youngest among Tristan Thompson’s siblings. He was born on July 28, 2006, in Canada. Amari is 17 years old and suffers from epilepsy. It is a brain disease that causes recurring and unprovoked seizures.

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People with this disease couldn’t live alone and thus, Amari is now living with his brother Tristan under the Khole Kardashian parents.

Tristan has always been away from his father, Trevor. The reason behind this is not disclosed, but the family issues haven’t been sorted out. Thus, after Tristan’s mother’s death, he has taken full control of Amari. Basically, he has become Amari’s legal guardian.

On the other hand, Tristan loves his little brother a lot and can’t see him struggle. So, the diseases that Amari is suffering from could happen to anyone.

In order to fight back, he founded the Amari Thompson Fund in collaboration with Epilepsy Toronto. This foundation helps people who are suffering from that disease.


Who is Tristan Thompson brothers?

Tristan Thompson brothers are Dishawn, Daniel, and Amari Thompson.

Does Tristan have a little brother?

Amari Thompson is the little brother of Tristan Thompson.

Does Tristan have a son?

Yes, Tristan Thompson has a son named Theo Thompson.

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