Digital voter identification card

For Indian residents, Aadhaar card is much more valuable than voter card. Because, it is not only for voting, but also more importantly proof of residential address.

अज्ञा अधार He did. In the current period, everything is digital. अशी में He did.

अब आप This happened to me. Through this article we will learn about this.

Click ‘E-EPIC’ (pretend to be ‘E-EPIC’). PDF संकरन It’s one of these.

Digital voter card कासी डाउनलोड करें ?

– You can find ‘E-Epic e-pop’ here.

– उच्चार /जान्जिकरना .

– Click ‘Download E-Epic’.

-Enter an Epic number or create a reference number.


-डाउनलोड E-Epic पर क्लिक .

Mobile numbers are not registered in Eroll, so follow these steps:

-Click on e-KYC to complete KYC.

-Face Liveness Verification pass.

– Update your mobile number to complete KYC.

-Epic email.

Kya Hai E-Epic

இல்கிக்க்குக்கில்கி ஫ட்டு E-Epic अ क Supplemental Documentation (PDF) आ, जीसे मोबील Printable Template में दाउनलोड This is one of the best.

Voters can store the e-EPIC on their smartphone, download it as a PDF on DigiLocker, print it, and laminate it themselves.


-सुभी ,

-May 2021 in May 2021 Januar (January 2020 January-January 2020 अध्याय किया So send SMS on February 25th , January 31, 2021. Download EPIC

-first. February 1 June 2021 to 1 June 2021


শ্র্ষ্টিন্ট্ট্ট্রি দি঵্শে पर This is e-EPIC. No.


-e-EPIC डाउनलोड करें लिया EPIC नम्बार की जागा I did and I did it.

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-E-EPIC will be downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDA फ).

-e-EPIC is 250KB.

-If e-KYC fails, go to ERO office with photo ID proof and update your mobile number.

-Add e-KYC and e-KYC card You need to make an e-KYC or e-EPIC card.


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