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Collect and upgrade powerful Digimon in DIGIMON ReArise. Besides the famous Pokemon brand, Digimon is one of the most famous. Digimon in Digimon have many characteristics that are different from Pokemon. Therefore, it has created its own charm that does not have too many similarities. There are countless Digimon games on the market today. Choosing a suitable and quality name is not easy. But today we can enjoy DIGIMON ReArise. A game about training digital monsters. Control them to fight against enemies.

DIGIMON ReArise is a game that brings the relationship between breeder and Digimon closer. It clearly shows the intimacy and chemistry that the two have when they fight. The main focus is on the modern digital world in a futuristic context. You are the breeder in charge of adventures in many new lands. There you will meet all kinds of Digimon. Students will enter it to interact with Digimon. Order them to fight other Digimon.

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The character Tamer will be designed by the original Digimon anime series. Each character has a unique personality, with many special Digimon. The process in DIGIMON ReArise is to nurture, train and upgrade Digimon to many power milestones. You need to equip many other elements to make Digimon stronger, not just evolve. The course of the battle will make them level up. Equip each Digimon with items to increase their power. Depending on the role of a particular Digimon, you will decide where they fight.

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The battles between Digimon will take place in a digital environment. The breeder must arrange the Digimon to form the strongest team. The combat system is implemented in the form of turn-based combat. Each Digimon takes turns to attack or use skills. The game does not end until all Digimon on a team are defeated. When the strategy in this game genre is always pushed to the top, that is too much. Players are required to have a strategy to gain advantage and win.

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Digimon’s Habitat

Digimon are digital data, so they will live on your digital devices. Even so, the world inside is still very spacious and comfortable. You can build buildings to meet Digimon’s needs. From a typical house to where people live. Fun amusement park to increase the interactivity of Tamer and Digimon. Decorate the edges with fun items like bonfires, bulletin boards, etc. that turn your digital environment into a real city for your Digimon. Feed Digimon digital food to increase stamina. Give gifts to maximize intimacy.

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grow to the next level

It takes a long time for tamers to develop Digimon to bond with them and fight well. Combat experience will be an important factor for Digimon to evolve faster. Or the simplest way is to suck up a lot of resources dedicated to them to upgrade. When max level is reached, evolve them with items specific to that type of Digimon. Evolution changes appearance and gives Digimon weapons and powers. Each of these digital monsters plays a unique role. There are species used to fight, defend, heal, create effects… Indeed, with all those factors, tamers will build for themselves the most powerful Digimon squad.

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DIGIMON ReArise Mod Free

Epic Digimon Wars

The usual Digimon Arena takes place in a small urban area. There will be a maximum of 5 Digimon; Each team can play against each other. Each Digimon will take turns in any order. When it becomes a Digimon, it will show up at the bottom of the screen. Use their signature skills to deal damage or do whatever benefits the team. We can influence our turn by many factors. For example, stun enemies so they can’t compete for favors. Tactics diversity is the most attractive thing that determines the outcome of a Digimon. In battle, you can customize your speed, auto-attack and use special skills.

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Existing and developing for more than 20 years, the Digimon brand has always stood by Pokemon to bring the most attractive content to viewers. This is evidenced by the release of many cartoons, toys and video games. The DIGIMON ReArise module is one of Digimon’s most successful products, especially Bandai Namco.

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