Did Star Trek Tease The Return Of Voyager?

Star Trek: ProdigyThe last part of season 1, “Supernova Part 2”, provided hints that could set the stage for the official launch of Journey A in season 2. USS Protostars, who escaped from prison, headed to Federation space, hoping to find refuge in a friendlier corner of Earth. Galaxy. They are aided by a hologram version of Catherine Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), who teaches them the basics of the ship and the philosophy of Starfleet.

With the help of flesh-and-blood Lieutenant Admiral Janeway, the young Proto-Space crew made it into Federation space, though they were forced to say goodbye to both the Proto-Star and the holographic Janeway. afternoon, both fought to stop the Sorcerer’s Plan (John Noble). Sacrifice to destroy Starfleet. While the crew was initially denied admission to Starfleet Academy, Admiral Janeway was allowed to serve as warrant officer on an unannounced airship. Although it has not been confirmed which ship will be Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2, with some hints in the finale.

Star Trek: Voyager of Prodigy – teaser explained

When the original Starfleet crew was finally rescued from San Francisco Bay, several Starfleet shuttles circled overhead. A visible Starfleet-registered shuttle, NCC-74656-A, indicates that the ship’s successor is officially from Interstellar Travel: The Traveler. When Admiral Janeway shows off a new midfield starship to her new warrant officer and she asks them to go with her to the Delta Quadrant to find the missing Captain Chakotay (Robert Beltran), they do some bigger and better things. Janeway’s takeover of Travel-A is sensible and should make Travel fans happy.

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Janeway commands the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid in Season 1 Star Trek: Prodigyother derived from Interstellar Travel: The TravelerDauntless is heavily damaged during the battle of Ensign Asencia (Jamera Jameel), who is eventually revealed to be a secret agent of Vau N’Akat. Intrepid survived the battle, but Janeway seemed ready to head for another, more emotional ship.

What happened to the original Voyager?

Image of the USS Voyager in space.

The original USS Cruise spent seven turbulent years in the Delta Quadrant, cut off from Starfleet and fending off constant attacks from hostile alien species like the Kazon and eventually the fearsome Borg. Captain Janeway eventually manages to use some time-traveling woes to get her ship back to Earth, dealing a fatal blow to Borg in the process. The Traveler’s final return home is a triumph not only for Janeway and her crew, but for Starfleet as a whole.

The USS Voyager was decommissioned shortly after returning home, which is understandable given that it was being defeated in the Delta quadrant. Janeway’s near-instant promotion to vice admiral makes for a memorable cameo for the first time interstellar travel There, she orders Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) to meet Romulus. Star Trek: Prodigy Looks Ready For Admiral Janeway’s New Voyager-A Ship, It Will Be A Moment Of Joy For America interstellar travel Franchising.

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