Did Lisa Loring Leave Behind A Spouse? Plus Her Children

Veteran actress Lisa Loring has died, leaving her fans to wonder if she left behind a husband. She has children? Read everything we found out in this article below.

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Lisa Loring Cause of death

Actress Lisa Loring has died at the age of 64 and the news of her death was confirmed by her daughter Vanessa Foumberg to Diversity. She told the news outlet that the actress died on January 28, 2023. She reportedly suffered a stroke which became her cause of death. In addition, she shared that the star “left in peace with her two daughters holding her hand.”

According to a statement provided to CBS News by Loring’s representative, she was a “loving mother, grandmother and friend with a life full of incredible stories and experiences.” “She brought to life one of the most legendary characters in Hollywood history that is still celebrated today,” continued her agent, Chris Carbaugh. “Lisa loved sharing memories of her and meeting all of her fans from around the world. We will miss him very much.”

The late celebrity’s friends also paid tribute to her legacy shortly after her departure. Loring is “embedded in the tapestry that is pop culture and forever in our hearts as Wednesday Addams,” a friend named Laurie Jacobson wrote on Facebook.

Besides, the monsters actor Butch Patrick also shared a few words, writing in a Facebook post. They wrote: “I am so sorry for the passing of my dear friend Lisa Loring. We were very close and often worked together. I know she was very weak. I was in her company just a few weeks ago. May God be with you my friend.”

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Lisa Loring left her husband?

Lisa Loring was married four times in her life. She married Farrell Foumberg, her childhood sweetheart, in 1973 when she was 15, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The following year their daughter was born and the couple divorced.

Doug Stevenson, an actor who has had roles in such films as “The Prowler,” “Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive,” and “Breaker! Switch!” she was the next person he married. Marianne Stevenson was born to the couple, but after two years of marriage, Lisa and Doug divorced.

She met adult film actor Jerry Butler on the set of Traci’s Big Trick and married in 1987. Guard. She married Jerry after he promised to stop watching porn. Despite this, she continued to secretly appear in adult films, leading to his divorce from her in 1992. According to People, Lisa’s drug abuse problems began during her marriage to Jerry.

She calls her third marriage “the biggest mistake of her life”: her husband was involved in pornography, and she didn’t approve. “I wouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who did that…she worked behind my back and lied to me: that was it.”

In 2003, Lisa married Graham Rich. According Things, the couple separated in 2008 and filed for divorce in June 2014 after fourteen years of marriage. Divorce papers were filed in a Los Angeles court, citing irreconcilable differences, and Loring also asked that spousal support not be awarded to her estranged husband.

With the exception of her third ex-husband, Lisa claimed that she still got along with all of her ex-husbands.

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Lisa Loring Kids

Lisa Loring was the mother of two daughters, Vanessa Foumberg and Marianne Stevenson. Vanessa was born to Lisa and Farrell in 1974. The actress welcomed Marianne in 1984 with her ex-husband Doug Stevenson.

She was also the grandmother of two grandchildren, Emiliana and Charles.

Lisa Loring movies and series

Lisa Loring is best known for her role as Wednesday Addams on the 1964-1966 sitcom. the addams family from 6 to 8 years. At the age of 3, Lisa had a modeling career. Soon after, she began acting in movies as a child performer.

Charles Addams’ comic “The Addams Family” (1938-1988), which featured a wealthy aristocratic family who enjoyed the macabre, was first adapted for the screen as a sitcom.

Wednesday was always the pessimistic daughter of the comic book family. The character played by Loring was kind but strange. There was a collection of dolls with severed heads on Wednesday, and she named the executed French queen Marie Antoinette after her favorite doll. As a hobby, Wednesday kept spiders.

Loring began working as a child model in 1961. Eventually taking up acting, rumored to have appeared in an episode of the medical drama “Dr. Kildare” as a guest star. Loring was just six years old when she was cast as Wednesday on “The Addams Family.” It was her first regular role on television. Two seasons and 64 episodes of the series ended in 1966.

Other TV shows and movies include The Phyllis Diller Show, The Girl from UNCLE, Halloween s The New Addams Family, Fantasy Island, Gabe and Walker, Blood Rage, Savage Harbor Way Down in Chinatownand more.

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How much is Lisa Loring’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lisa Loring has a net worth of over $500,000.

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