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Meet Desyree Nicole who competed on Next In Fashion. Is she she dating someone? How old is he? Who are his parents?

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Desyrée Nicole on Netflix Next In Fashion

Fashion pageants have always been fun to watch from the outside, but imagine yourself as a designer with the potential to win $200,000 and grow your business by showing off your creations to the world. Next up is fashion designer Desyrée Nicole. Nicole wasn’t always interested in fashion; in fact, she had no desire to become a designer. She said Essence“For me it was work or ball.”

Desyrée was supposed to be the next WNBA star before she caught on. But when her contract fell through, she realized she needed to change direction and fashion naturally became her new area of ​​interest. She told Entertainment Weekly: “I wanted to be like Swin Cash, Diana Taurasi or Oprah… Fashion was rethought after I moved to New York, and it certainly inspired me. I’ve always loved sneakers, but fashion was a different game. I think this shows that it’s never too late to start something new.”

Desyrée is an expert in menswear and loves the androgynous look. Therefore, the designer’s menswear creation was expected for the “Royalty” challenge in Episode 1. Although the judges praised the style and fit, they felt the wearer should rely on the minimalist style due to the excessive use of ribbons. , threads and buttons.

Desyrée destroyed the “Met Gala” look with her fresh perspective on declining culture after donning several suitable outfits to successful rehearsals. She made a beautiful thick skirt out of her underpants, which she wore with an elegant white shirt with bell sleeves.

The entire ensemble cheered at the Met Gala, and Desyrée gained a significant lead in the team’s next challenge as a result of her success in the episode 6 task. She triumphed once more in the seventh competition, where she teamed with Amari Carter in the challenge. “Swimsuit” to design two fantastic sets of swimsuits that wowed the judges and gave their team victory.

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Unfortunately, Desyrée was eliminated in the eighth challenge, “Everything Old Is New,” where her attempt to channel the 1980s by wearing a pink biker jacket and coat didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped.

While on the way, Nicole discovered an email from Netflix about the show informing her that she had been selected to participate. On set, she learned that she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to. “The mind and self-confidence are powerful tools. It starts with us… I think as people we need to know that we can do anything,” Nicole said.

She can’t wait for the world to see her beyond her usual supporting role. Initially, Nicole wanted to keep her brand a secret and she only revealed her identity as a designer last year. She added: “I like people digesting the art for themselves, not because I creatively direct it, although that’s a big part. People fall in love with you as a person and in turn support your work. I’m learning it”.

How much is Desyrée Nicole net worth?

Desyrée Nicole’s net worth is over $400,000.

In 2016, Desyrée co-founded the famous Todd Patrick menswear brand in honor of her brother. He is a New York-based menswear designer and celebrity stylist geared towards professional athletes. As a former Division I athlete, he brings a clean, classic aesthetic to the world of sports, art and fashion. Outside of design, he founded a cross-platform app called THE BAR TAP, which connects users with bars that fit their environment.

She thought her name was fantastic and that it would be “awesome” to see it everywhere. Basketball taught the designer that you have to face challenges head on, if there are any.

Desyree added: “Everything was new to me. I didn’t go to fashion school and moved to New York to wait to play basketball in Italy. So the whole process of navigating a new city and finding a new passion at the same time was exciting, but completely new to me.” It can be said that the risk was worth it. She is a woman who wears men’s clothing, but does not wish to prove herself to the “boys’ club” or to anyone but herself (with contemporaries such as Wales Bonner, Martine Rose and Bianca Saunders, etc.).

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The designer added: “When you think of ‘the boys’, they all design women’s clothing, so there’s not really a boys’ club.”

She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Art/Graphic Design. However, he eventually joined the basketball team and played for several years. The former basketball star used her love of art to make a name for himself in the fashion industry.

According to her LinkedIn, Desyree is the founder of The Bar Tap and a graphic designer.

Desyree Nicole Age

Desyree Nicole turned 31 in January 2023.

Who are Desyrée Nicole’s parents?

Desyree Nicole’s father’s name is Atara Yisrael. On Father’s Day 2021, Desyree posted a photo of her and her dad’s and wrote: “Happy Father’s Day to the smartest, dumbest, most colorful man I’ve ever met! So positive and optimistic. I love you and I hope today is special. I’ll be home soon and “Sex on the Beach” drinks on my account 🖤 @hotfighter32″.

Based on the LinkedIn we found, his father is probably the co-owner of Thomas Roofing. In his youth, Desyree’s father was a boxer. He is currently based in Detroit, Michigan.

In March 2021, he thanked his parents, writing: “To my beautiful parents 🖤 I love you // thank you for constantly encouraging me to follow my dreams without any doubt, to get what I deserve in life and to be a great human being.” .”

Desyree turned 48 in 2022. Her mother gave birth to her when she was 17 years old.

In addition to his brother Todd, he also has a sister Brittany.

Desyree Nicole Height

Desyree Nicole is under 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Is Desyrée Nicole dating anyone?

Desyrée Nicole is not only dating, but also engaged. Since 2022 she is engaged to her lifelong partner, Gabriella Paulino.

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She announced their engagement in January 2023 when she wrote: “SHE SAID DASSSSSS! my ass, my soul mate, my other half. No one else in this world that I don’t want to live with. I love you forever and I can’t wait to live with you. Now everyone knows that a big girl can’t have an ordinary ring. thank you @_libertyjewels for running the vision smoothly.”

Desyree and Gaby have been dating since 2014. In June 2020, on their anniversary, she posted: “6 years later, I’m still planting wet kisses on your big forehead. You make me more of who I am when I’m with you. You make me a better person. I would not choose to go through life with another man. I love you queen. Happy 6 years Buttah! Me little Mocha Latte.”

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  • Is Desyrée Nicole on Instagram?

Yes, Desyree Nicole’s Instagram (@desyreenicole).

  • When is Desyrée Nicole’s birthday?

Desyree Nicole’s birthday is January 19.

  • Where is Desyrée Nicole from?

Desyree Nicole is originally from Waterford, Michigan.

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