Despicable Me: What Happened To Vector (Did He Survive On The Moon?)

Little is known about what happened to Vector i’m despicable, the thief competed for the moon with Gru in the first movie. While many villains, such as El Macho despicable me 2, Scarlet Overkill in Minions and Belle Bottom in Henchmen: The Rise of Gru Since entering the series, Vector (Jason Segal) remains arguably the most popular character in the group and the funniest villain to confront Gru (Steve Carell) and his minions. Dressed in an orange tracksuit, an inkjet, and a piranha, he was able to defeat Gru at every turn for most of the film’s length. “The Greatest Villain of All Time” Vector is considered the next major figure in the first baddie community after he stole the pyramids of Giza without anyone noticing. i’m despicable Movie.

After discovering that Gru had a plan to steal the moon using miniature rays, Vector was able to steal it from him. To avenge him, Gru acquires the three girls and uses them to distract Vector with cookies as he and the Minions attempt to recapture the miniature ray. It is later revealed that he is the son of the nefarious banker, Mr. Perkins, who consistently refuses Gru’s loans to carry out the heist. Near the end, Gru manages to shrink and steal the moon. However, upon landing on Earth, he learned that Vector had kidnapped his adopted daughters Margo, Agnes, and Edith as a bargaining chip to get to the moon. As Vector tries to escape with the Moon and the girl, Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) and the Minions realize that the miniature ray’s effects are temporary and that the Moon will grow back and be launched back into orbit. religion. Gru was able to save the girls and Vector i’m despicable The story ends with him being stranded on the moon. But what has happened to the super criminals since then?

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Easter egg in the sequel reveals what happened to Vector after Despicable Me

vector i’m despicable arc has a fake conclusion at the end of the franchise. With his introduction to the Anti-Villain League (AVL) I am despicable 2Gru has access to the profiles of other villains they’ve tracked down over the years. According to these documents, available at Despise me 3 The Blu-ray add-on, based on their last report, it looks like Vector is still stuck on the moon. The document also states that, using a telescope, he was still able to see. It seems that Vector somehow survived on the moon, although it is unclear how he is still alive.

like a recent movie i’m despicable And henchman Franchise is i’m despicable prequel, Henchmen: The Rise of Gruto July 2024, with I’m despicable 4. Although the series has yet to bring back any villains other than Vector The Rise of Gru Easter eggs, not too far fetched considering his return in the future back to the present. Vector is Gru’s arch-nemesis and has deceived him many times. His technical fervor could come into play again, becoming the backbone of more nefarious conspiracies. Only time will tell whether he will find a way back to Earth.

Rise of Vector’s Gru Cameo Creates Plot Issues

Gru .'s Rise Vector

Even though it’s a prequel, Vector still appears in it Henchmen: The Rise of Gru. When Gru encounters Mr. Perkins (voiced by Will Arnett), the evil head of the evil bank, he shows Gru a picture of his teenage son. Of course, this is a child Vector. On the surface though, this is a nice nod to upcoming events i’m despicable It also creates a hole in Gru’s future Minions timeline. In the first movie, it is strongly implied that Vector is a little younger than Gru, decades apart. Vector, introduced by Mr. Perkins as a rising star, is one of the new villains. Gru is 12 inches Gru rises, So in the minds of most fans, Vector should have been an infant at first. However, most people believe that Vector was born after Gru grew up. Like how Vector could die on the moon i am despicable, he was born in The Rise of Gru raises serious questions about the nature of time and death in Universal Studios’ Gruniverse.

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