Desperate and sad abandoned dog, fortunately his life suddenly changed

A dog named Nenno was left at the shelter by its owner. The dog feels insecure and suffers from despair and sadness.

The environment is not known to the dog. The dog not only feels lonely but also feels useless.

The dog realizes that he is unwanted and abandoned. The dog was in terrible condition.

The dog may whine and whine. The look of the dog shows sadness.

Paige King filmed a dog and showed how deeply emotional dogs can be. He wanted to show a video and introduce everyone to this affectionate dog.

Laura Rogers watched the video and went to adopt the dog. She took the dog to the vet, and after an examination, it turned out that the dog had thyroid disease.

The dog was treated and feels safe and well after recovering. The dog becomes tender and affectionate. Now the dog feels stronger and happier.

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