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James Ford has been designing suits for a long time, specifically for female, trans and gender non-conforming bodies. But this designer is much more than “just suits”, as you’ll see in Next in Fashion Season 2.

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Designer James Ford on Netflix Next In Fashion

Netflix’s Next in Fashion returned for its second installment on March 3, 2023, with hosts Tan France and Gigi Hadid joined by a host of star-studded judges and 12 talented designers, including our star James Ford.

“I am so nervous and excited to finally announce the news that I will be competing as a designer in Next In Fashion™️ szn 2!!!” promoted the show on her IG.

Also, a few days before the premiere, he shared a bit of himself on the Today’s Show where he talked about tailoring suits for the queer community.

He was also later seen flaunting the Next in Fashion promo clip that was shown on a billboard in Times Square. “We each put up a million dollars to buy this sign in Times Square,” he wrote.

James was joined in the second part of Next in Fashion by his colleagues: Amari Carter, Bao Tranchi Courtney Smith, Danny Godoy, Deontré Hancock, Desyrée Nicole, Eliana Batsakis, Megan O’Cain, Nigel Xavier, Qaysean Williams and Usama Ishtay.

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What is the net worth of designer James Ford?

Designer James Ford has a net worth of less than $300k by 2023.

This Next in Fashion participant began his career as a Design Assistant at Sharpe Suiting in May 2019. Two and a half years later, he went on to collaborate with The Phluid Project for the “Phluid Project Home Collection” for 3 months, and immediately after finishing the project, she works as a production assistant at Suay Sew Shop for the next four months.

In February 2020, James joined Hedley & Bennett as a Technical Designer evaluating B2B logos and applying them to in-house print or embroidery products. Within 5 months he was promoted to Product Developer with technical packages for DTC and B2B SKUs including build details, sketches, fabrication, finishing sheets, Pantone colors and art files. After working as a product developer for just over a year, James eventually became a senior product developer. But he quit within 3 months after that.

James then joined The Elder Statesman as a Design Assistant for a year while also working as “Designer & Creative Director: at Rowena Social Club. Last we checked, the designer quit his job at The Elder Statesman, but continued on at the latter company.

Rowena Social Club is an inclusive group offering tailored suits and ready-to-wear. Their new joint location was scheduled to be announced on March 3, 2023.

All things considered, James is a master of tailored clothing. But he doesn’t design “your uncle’s obligatory business suits”, instead he prefers to make suits that “represent something very, very different”. As a former athlete in four sports, the designer draws inspiration from the “silhouettes, color palettes, construction techniques and practicality” of sportswear to inform his approach to clothing, “bringing together the dichotomies” of the two with every stitch.

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Is designer James Ford a transgender man?

Although designer James Ford has not directly stated that he is a transgender man, he has often hinted that he is. “My gender identity is now Aerodynamic Dolphin Noodle tysm,” he once wrote on IG while showing off his shirtless body that had undergone a mastectomy. The scars from him are still visible.

The designer was also labeled “trans” by most of his friends.

In an interview, James once said, “I’m a person who became a body that wasn’t quite right, that’s all. I’m glad I had the means to fix it. We all deserve to look in the mirror every morning and say, ‘wow… I’m so hot and I love myself so much’ and then go on with our day. I want that feeling for everyone. My experience is not unique.”

Before the operation, James was seen as a woman. But she is now happy to be “visibly and vocally queer, so one day[her]story of hers will be boring.”

In Fashion’s upcoming star, designer James Ford, has not revealed his relationship status.

Designer James Ford Age

Designer James Ford was reportedly born in 2001. He was then 21 years old when he appeared on the second season of Next in Fashion in 2023.

However, when he filmed the series, he was a year younger.

Who are the parents of designer James Ford?

Designer James Ford was born “Jaimé Rhodes Ford” to anonymous parents.

Plus, he kept his siblings out of the limelight.

Designer James Ford Height

James Ford is under 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall.

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Mentioning his special features, James has brown hair, blue eyes, and a body covered in tattoos.

  • When is designer James Ford’s birthday?

James celebrates his birthday on November 26 and is a Sagittarius.

  • Is designer James Ford on Instagram and Facebook?

As of March 2023, James has entertained 17,800 followers on Instagram @jamesdoinginsta.

  • Where is designer James Ford from?

James comes from Los Angeles, California, United States.

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