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Love Island Season 4 premiered on 19 July 2022 on the streaming service, Peacock. This new season came around among the highly-anticipating viewers with sexy singles from across the country. Deborah Chubb, with many nicknames including Chubb Rub, was one of them, documenting her love life with the other singles as they all lived together in a gorgeous villa while searching for love.

We shall now tell you all about her in this writing called ‘Deborah Chubb Bio’.

Deborah Chubb On Love Island

During the introduction, Deborah Chubb introduced herself as the most fun and mature. Though about the maturity part she quickly laughed it off saying that she is only kidding.

In this short trailer of only her, Deborah added that she was on the show looking for tall guys who would tell her that she is pretty and humble. Soon, she also chimed that she can not wait to meet new people; make new friends; and the guys who would give her attention. And yes! She had particularly in mind that this “perfect” man has to be able to lift her up.

Deborah also went on to reveal that she has been single for so long. And that if she does not find love in the villa set by MTV alongside the California coast, she will become a nun. She further cheekily unraveled that she loves making out and therefore does not understand why she won’t be allowed to date every single guy in the villa.

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Deborah also spills that she has had a lot of guy friends “because she doesn’t do drama”. So, Deborah basically exposed that Love Island is her last resort to find some “freakin’ love”. (Of course) she also made it clear that she is not the problem and that her dating life has been non-existent.

In the past, Deborah usually fell for red flags. More, the merrier she felt about them in a guy. But she was ready to change her ways in the summer of Love Island. She wants to find someone this summer who appreciates her.

To Peacock’s many cameras, Deborah also told that the great Justin Bieber once flirted with her on an elevator. Other than that, she said she has been single for five years and that she is called the “Good Luck Chuck” for the fact that the last four men she dated all ended up in marriages after her.

Deborah Chubb Age

Deborah Chubb was 26 years old when she went on this journey to Love Island to find herself a perfect “tall and muscular” man.

Who Are Deborah Chubb’s Parents?

Deborah Chubb’s mom is Pamela Hoffman Chubb, a former production coordinator at Motion Picture Film Production. She has marked ‘married’ as her marital status on Facebook and Instagram (@pamela_chubb) and she could be found also on LinkedIn.

Deborah’s mom and dad (Bill Chubb) had been married for more than 30 years by 2022. Deborah is their youngest; they are proud that she has turned out to be “funny, caring, kind, fun-loving, exciting, beautiful, and always willing to go the extra mile for all.”

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Deborah Chubb, as seen with her parents and brother in July 2017 (PIC: Facebook)

Further, Deborah has a brother named William Stephen who turned 28 on 28 May 2022. On his LinkedIn and social media, William introduces himself as a data and analytics associate at Fisher Investments and a real estate major at Southern Methodist University.

Deborah Chubb Height

Deborah Chubb with an athletic and toned physique stands 5’4″ (1.62 meters) tall in height. Also recently, she weighed 120lbs (55 Kg); and puffed that she is able to walk on her hands with long legs thrown up in the air.

This White European beauty has blue eyes her hair is blonde.

Deborah Chubb Job

Deborah Chubb worked as a personal assistant by day and also called herself a digital creator, in big bold letters on social media.

In addition, Deborah also seemed to be looking for a career in showbiz; she already has appeared in these two television series, Queen of Stylez (2020) as a production assistant; Game of Clones (2019), as a Gigi Hadid clone.

So, Deborah, once pranked by Kevin Hart, is basically into improvisation, cheerleading, fitness, and modeling.

Deborah graduated Bachelor in Communication (with a minor in Digital and Social media studies) from San Diego State University (in 2018). Afterward, she also trained in Cynthia Bain Young Actors Studio.

Is Deborah Chubb On Instagram?

Yes. Deborah Chubb could be found on Instagram @debchubb and there were 18.9K followers on it as of 19 July 2022.

Deborah also shared glimpses from her life (mostly in the past) on her Facebook account.

Lastly, she could be found on TikTok @halfchubbb where she entertained around 35.2K followers.

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  • When Is Deborah Chubb’s Birthday?

Born in 1996, Deborah Chubb celebrated her 26th birthday on the 2nd of May. That makes her a naturally sexy Taurean.

  • How Much Is Deborah Chubb’s Net Worth?

Deborah Chubb reportedly acquired less than $300K as her net worth as of 2022.

If luckily and after playing the best game on Love Island USA, Deborah becomes the winner of the season, she would be taking home one-half of the $100 thousand grand prize.

While from her personal assistant salary job, she should have made $18.23 per hour working in Los Angeles, that is according to

  • Where Is Deborah Chubb From?

Deborah Chubb’s hometown is Dallas, Texas. Although as of the time of this writing, she was based in Redondo Beach, California in the United States. (Of course) she has also been to a number of other states over the years, such as New York; Florida; Nevada; Pennsylvania; and Missouri.

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