Dead Cells: How to Beat Medusa in Return to Castlevania DLC

when the player is inside Back to Castlevania DLC belong to Dead cells After the Vampire King is resurrected, they must defeat the small boss Medusa to get the key to the next biome using Dracula himself. This item is called the Petrified Key, and it opens a locked door at the end of the biome that leads to the final boss arena, Master’s Keep. Unfortunately, Medusa is not only an obstacle preventing players from reaching the DLC’s final boss, but also a tough challenge that can significantly hinder health or resources before reaching Dracula.

To reach Medusa, the player needs to first access Dracula’s Castle by finding the portal Dead cells‘Clock tower biome. Although there are several routes to this location, the player can choose the one that works best for him. Unlike the first visit to Dracula’s castle, there will be more enemies on the way to Medusa, and Dracula will occasionally attack the player in casual battles with basic enemies. Players will know they’ve reached Medusa’s lair when they go to a large room on the right side of the biome, which is littered with petrified corpses that look like statues.

How to Defeat Medusa in Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC

Compared to Death from the Defiled Necropolis, Medusa doesn’t have as many tricks but still has quite a few attacks for players to watch out for. Similar to Boss from Mama Tick Dead cellsBad seeds DLC, Medusa has a powerful attack that deals a lot of damage when connected.

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Although the gorgon’s movements may seem telegraph-like, the player should attack Medusa quickly and retreat immediately to avoid seemingly quick attacks from the enemy.

Traps and turrets are very useful against Medusa, as the mini-boss will only be able to move on the ground during the fight. Also, some weapons that can be used from the air are very powerful, especially when combined with long-range abilities. However, players should be wary of Medusa’s powerful petrified gaze attack, as its unorthodox activation can catch the player off guard. If this move is chained, the player will be frozen for a period of time, Medusa will use this time to unleash devastating combos.

Although there are no achievements for killing Medusa, bosses will drop weapons on Medusa’s head when they are defeated. If the player is inside Dead cellseventually lead to the Richter costume through a special game mode. When the player enters Back to Castlevania DLC Dead cellsAs they near the end of this crossover, the path to Dracula becomes clear.

  • dead cell game poster Dead cells Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch Release time: 2018-08-07 Developer: Motion Twin, Evil Empire Publisher: Motion Twin, Playdigious Genre: Action, Metroidvania, Roguelike ESRB: BILLION Summary: Dead Cells is an action/roguelike exploration-style Metroidvania game released in 2018. In the game, the player takes on the role of unnamed humanoid creatures called prisoners, because they always start from a damp prison on a base. Players will battle their way through procedurally generated levels and collect “tiles” to unlock permanent upgrades, including tools, traps, and weapons, helping them to explore far and wide. than to reach the top of the castle and confront the unknown king. Dead Cells has had several expansion packs, most recently an ambitious collaboration with Konami’s Castlevania series. Expansions: The Bad Seed, Rise of the Giants, Queen of the Sea, Return to Castlevania, Everyone Is Here Vol. twelfth Mode: Single player
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