Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK (Menu, Wallhack/FOV) 5.4.1024

Hunted and cornered, he can only be a victim of the mobile game Dead by Daylight. They will have to survive and find a way to escape the death that awaits them to be eaten alive. Step by step the killer approaches, looking for his unfortunate prey. Players choose their own ending. No one could stop the horror from coming so quickly. So do your part and you will get what you deserve. Get ready for the scariest horror movie of your life today.

Dead by Daylight is one of the best-selling horror games based on the movie. Horrible cinematic details and effects reproduced on PC and console platforms. But now it has been brought to touch devices. Players can experience their favorite activities anytime, anywhere. Graphics are optimized for smooth motion. Play and feel the fear in the sound. Can you continue to complete your challenge?

Download Dead by Daylight Mobile Mod – Escape from dangerous killer

Dead by Daylight Mobile will allow players to choose between two characters. The first is a hunter with a weapon in his hand, his job is to chase his prey. The second character will be a fugitive whose sole purpose is to hide from the killer. Both will perform their respective functions on a large scale and can interact with their surroundings to help perform the necessary actions. The hunter wins when the hunter catches a certain number of players. Whoever survives and completes the mission successfully when the victim runs away. Choose your character and start the terrifying hunt right away.

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make good use of everything

As a survivor, you need to complete several missions to keep yourself alive. The first is to activate the transmitters around the exit area. These generators have the effect of illuminating enemies in a large area. They are easy to spot as they move through the area. The more players there are, the faster the generator will be repaired. Cooperation is encouraged to create many advantages. For example, some items heal, increase running speed or most importantly reduce fatigue. Everything on the road makes a difference in perilous times.

Dead by Daylight Mobile mod Free

looking for prey

In the role of a murderer, the player’s advantage lies in superhuman running speed. The killer’s weapon makes it easier for him to take down his prey and set traps. Killers also enjoy another benefit: tracking their prey. As fugitives pass by, they leave behind dark or faint footprints, depending on the time of day. You can use this to pursue any goal you need. Destroy the generator, putting the enemy at a greater disadvantage. The most important thing is to prevent them from fixing those machines. When all four are caught, the game is over.

Dead by Daylight Mod APK

many choices

Players in both roles can choose what they want. There will be many characters with unique abilities around the fugitive. Someone can erase footprints, speed up recovery, increase running speed, or perform quick repairs. On the hunter side, there were also bloodthirsty monsters, they were extremely powerful. Over time, they can move quickly and wreak havoc or deal more damage. Each killer has a unique way of killing their prey. You can collect all the things you want to make a good hunt. Most effective control whoever you choose.

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Dead by daylight android mobile phone module

Deep Enhancement System

When you choose to find a match, a random map will be generated for the player to enter. Each map has unique terrain and item distribution. Hideouts and traps will be provided in a very diverse way. Players also have special customization perks for their characters. Helps optimize the gaming experience at its finest. Updates will also be rolled out regularly to bring in more new content. You can play and have fun knowing that the Dead by Daylight Mobile mod is always welcome.

Download Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK for Android (Menu, Wallhack/FOV)

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