D&D Fan Has Hilarious Idea To Make Disintegrate More Powerful

The last Dungeons and Dragons Players share their thoughts on house rules regarding the Disintegration spell. While the different manual versions provide a clear set of rules, many operations create and use their own rules. research and development The rules give the game a unique flavor and often improve the overall experience.

Commonly used by wizards and sorcerers, Disintegrate is a level six spell that deals a powerful blow to an unlucky target by dealing up to 10d6+40 damage. Anything killed by this spell turns to ashes, and this includes anything a person or creature is carrying. While revivals are common in D&D campaigns, those who are disbanded can have a harder time than most because their bodies no longer exist. However, despite these benefits, the decay can end up wasting a spell entirely if the target succeeds in a Throw that saves Dexterity.

This rule is a topic of discussion among D&D players Judge Ramin Aman And Rose Hannahpreviously tweeted that it could research and development Modifications to house rules can be made for magic. If the target of the spell successfully lands their Skill save throw, the decay spell will continue as a spell in a straight line and target anyone or anything in front of you. after it. If that secondary target also succeeds in a Skill save throw, the process continues until something is hit and takes damage.

In the official rules for 5e, a successful Dexterity save against disintegration means the spell does no damage. This is very different from most spells Dungeons and Dragons Deal damage; in most cases, if a target succeeds in a save throw against a damage spell, they will take half the damage they would have taken if they failed. Disintegrate seems to have bypassed this mechanic to deal more damage when making a successful save throw.

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The beauty of Dungeons and DragonsThe problem, however, is that the rules of the game are not monolithic, especially at home. As many fans of the game say, the Player Handbook is more like guidelines than actual rules. They can be altered to accommodate any type of event, depending on how grounded or ridiculous the person involved wants it to be. This self-made rule decaying has the potential to make the spell more dangerous, which in turn can make any campaign it’s run on more interesting by adding a potential risk. other hidden.

source: Justice Ramin Aman/Twitter, Hannah Rose / Twitter

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