DC’s Pride Comics Celebrate Its LGBTQ Heroes Like Never Before

DC Comics has announced a number of projects for Publisher Pride 2023, celebrating LGBTQ+ characters and creators with special one-time photos, books, and covers. The breadth of the 2023 Pride lineup builds on DC’s 2021 and ’22 offerings, making it a celebration of weird superheroes that readers have never seen before.

DC Comics has released details about their 2023 Pride festivals, many of which will be released in late May and early June in time for the annual June Pride month honoring the community. LGBTQ+ community. Pride DC 2023 #1 is the core anthology, featuring stories about new and classic DC weirdos like Circuit Breaker, Tim Drake, Midnighter, and Apollo. DC also plans to celebrate its strange history with an encyclopedia DC Proud Book Written by rising star Jadzia Axelrod and reprinted anthology, DC Pride: Through the Years #1, showcases unpublished Pride-themed moments in DC history.

The official press release includes in-depth details on the stories and creators featured in these individual projects. Here are some notable catchphrases from DC itself:

DC’s Annual Pride Comics Anthology Highlights Publisher’s Continuing Legacy of LGBTQIA+ Characters

Over 100 pages of original content, intros by Phil Jimenez, and more!

Explore the new encyclopedia of DC characters, DC Proud Book Jazia Axelrod

Explore the rich history of DC’s LGBTQIA+ superheroes in this inspirational hardcover book from DK publishers, featuring detailed character profiles and comic illustrations!

Publisher DC DC Pride: Through the Years With the new ALAN SCOTT Green Lantern Story

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Includes three out-of-print comics that made history, now included in a special edition!

DC Pride 2023 Celebrating Harley Quinn, Superman, Batwoman and more

As of 2021, DC’s Pride Anthology has become an annual celebration of LGBTQ+ characters and creators. While the tradition is still in its infancy, these Pride anthologies have become essential focal points for beloved characters like Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batwoman, etc. Perhaps more importantly, Pride DC 2021 #1 and Pride DC 2022 #1 Continues to tell the story of new and new characters like Robin Tim Drake, Superman Jon Kent, The Dreamer, Arrow Connor Hawke, Kid Quick, etc. These anthologies have been nominated for several awards, including the GLAAD Media Award.

This year’s DC Pride celebration continues the success of its predecessors, a testament to the diversity of editors, publishers, and creators involved in these annual anthologies behind the scenes and on the page. Pride DC 2023 #1 is a much-anticipated (and highly anticipated) release, a previously announced release DC Proud Book and just announced DC Pride: Through the Years #1 is both a welcome addition to the Pride lineup. These releases celebrate the history of DC’s weird characters, like Pride DC 2023 #1 where publishers celebrate their present and future.

DC Pride celebrations should always include underlying history

DC Pride 2023 1 Open to Order Picolo Variant featuring Snapshots of Constantine, Robin, Superman, Harley Quinn, etc.

DC’s extensive network of Pride celebrations scheduled for 2023 shows the progress publishers have made in their inclusion efforts in recent years — though there will always be Breakthrough and new coverage. But DC’s future cannot be separated from its history, and that includes the history of DC’s LGBTQ+ characters, from Batwoman to Green Lantern Alan Scott. To learn more about the past and future of these roles, check out Pride DC 2023 #1, available May 30, DC Proud Bookavailable on May 16th and DC Pride: Through the Years #1, out June 13, all from DC Comics.

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