DC’s Multiverse Can Be Much More Dangerous Than The MCU’s

Barry Allen’s interstellar effects in The Flash prove that multiverse travel in DC is far more dangerous than it is in the MCU.

event speed Hints that DC’s big-screen multiverse is more dangerous than the MCU’s. Both DC and Marvel are using the multiverse to take their respective movie franchises to the next level, but they’re taking different approaches to getting there. While Marvel is building the Multiverse Saga with multiple movies and shows, DC is rewriting its rulebook primarily with one movie: speed.

speedThe trailer reveals all the big changes Barry Allen’s interstellar journey will bring to the dying DCEU. From Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman to Henry Cavill’s Superman potentially being wiped out and replaced by Sasha Culler’s Supergirl, Barry Allen’s decision to mess with a simple Speed ​​Force seemed as has caused a chain reaction in the DC multiverse. And maybe unlike the MCU, these changes will irreversibly affect the past, present, and future.

DC’s multiverse could have a bigger, longer-lasting impact

The Flash by Barry Allen, General Zod and Batman.

Some Variations on Barry Allen’s Journey Through the Universe speed The likely reason is that Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman were replaced by Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sasha Cuhler’s Superman, respectively. Considering that Ben Affleck might not return as Batman after that speed Henry Cavill Officially Retired From Superman, It’s Safe To Say speedThe changes to the multiverse are permanent. With the original plans for the DCEU and the Snyderverse ending well, Barry Allen couldn’t put things back the way they were.

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On the other hand, many characters have traveled across the MCU on various occasions, but none have influenced it to the same extent as Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. Even Kang the Conqueror, the biggest villain of the Multiverse Saga, is unlikely to return to any part of the MCU’s past. Marvel Studios has created an expansive franchise that spans years and dozens of films, and removing any part of it from the standard for dramatic effect could do more harm than good.

DC and Marvel’s multiverses complement each other

DCEU's The Flash Multiverse and Mad Multiverse's Doctor Strange

DC needs to start over speed There’s more freedom to cause irreversible consequences, but that doesn’t mean one cinematic multiverse is objectively better than the other. speedDC’s upcoming Elseworlds will continue to allow audiences to explore different universes without the pressure of interconnected stories. Meanwhile, the MCU’s Multiverse Saga will continue to introduce wild alternate realities into the MCU’s overall story, which also increases the chances of more interesting crossovers, such as Spider-Man: Nowhere Back. Although the DC and MCU’s multiverses were developed at the same time, their unique approach sets them apart.

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