David Christopher Opened Up About His Connection With Phoebe Davis On “Cosmic Love”

In the real world, the dating show format is very popular among viewers. Just when you think you’ve run out of options, Amazon Prime Video’s Cosmic Love takes a whole new twist, using astrology to uncover your true soulmate. The sitcom stars four actors looking for love: Noel Allen, Phoebe Davis, Maria Rodriguez, and Connor Shennan. David Christopher was one of the few chosen partners for Phoebe. He is a native of Los Angeles and runs his own streaming network, Fit TV Network. The celebrity is also a professional musician, fitness trainer and MMA fighter.

David talked about his time on the show and his friendship with Phoebe Davis in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda. He described the concert as a “once-in-a-lifetime event” and added:

“I believe we learn naturally from such experiences.”

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Cosmic Love’s David Christopher talks about the show, his relationship with Phoebe, etc.

The Sanctuary is where viewers first see David “befriending” Phoebe. The two talked briefly about their likes and dislikes before she mentioned that at the time they were just friends, but she was optimistic about the future. On the other hand, David said this is not their first conversation.

“Our first meeting was not at the cathedral. Obviously we lived together and had met before. We were all introduced before any matches were announced. , as you can see in the video. Unfortunately, the concert didn’t strengthen the relationship we’ve developed up to that point.”

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He clarifies Phoebe’s feelings, saying that all guys are considered friends because she’s “not” in a relationship yet. David also said he is “absolutely fine” to hear this as he is still managing his emotions and building his own relationships in the house. The 34-year-old contestant fought hard on a group date with his Cosmic Love co-stars, revealing that it showed his “competitive side”.

“I was really looking forward to the day of the group meeting. It was my first chance to really let go and be myself. I definitely have a competitive physical and mental background, so joining in meeting was pretty easy for me.”

David and co-star Phil stood out to the audience during the group meeting. When asked to clarify the date, the first said:

“Phil and I have a tough rivalry in the house, so before that we said a lot of trash to each other. All in good spirits, but the competitive side of me definitely came out, mostly because I wanted to beat him and less so because I wanted Phoebe’s attention.

Cosmic Love’s David Christopher said: “I felt lost and a little insecure.

On the other hand, David was quickly kicked out of the show when Phoebe couldn’t stick with him. When asked if he was given a fair chance, the actor replied that the circumstances put him in an “uncomfortable situation”, making him feel “like [he] was in the cage.”

He continued:

“It seems like a lot of us are pushed into the dark and don’t feel like we can be ourselves, but especially with my rebellious nature, I feel lost and a little uncomfortable with many of us. what’s going on. around us.”

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After seeing David help Phoebe through all her troubles and troubles, viewers were quick to mark him as one of their favorites. Fans are worried about him not being represented on the show. David agrees, noting that there’s a lot of dynamic in it that the audience can’t see. In addition to being a “home therapist,” David has other responsibilities.

“Phoebe and I had a few moments when she opened up to me as a friend and explained what she was going through on the show. That’s why she always says I “watched my back” when she took me away.”

He continued:

“Player interaction is much more complicated even outside of the ‘match.’ I’ve definitely made some connections of my own. There are love triangles. There’s a lot of things that happen that you don’t. noticed while watching the show.”

David Christopher

David notes that his time on the reality show has taught him a lot about astrology, among other things. He declared:

“First and foremost, I learned a lot about astrology. More than I could have imagined. Also, I learned a lot about myself and how I function in an environment. I have learned many things about what makes me feel comfortable and not uncomfortable, open versus closed, etc.

Each of the four main characters in Cosmic Love represents one of the four astrological elements: fire, earth, air, and water. They mate with potential partners depending on their zodiac sign. The film is a romantic escape where dates and connections are made with the help of a magical mentor known as the “Astro Room”.

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