Dave the Diver: how to find the Microphone

Sunken treasure comes in all shapes and sizes. diver dave. While you’d probably never guess that a quest would have you diving for a microphone of all things, that’s exactly what you need to do to complete the main quest “The Merman Language Translator.” Technically, three items are required to craft the Translator, the other two being the Seafolk Stone Tablet and the Amethyst. Although he has an idea of ​​where to find them all, the microphone is quite difficult to track down. Instead of wasting all your air and time combing the depths of the sea, we’ll determine exactly where you can find the microphone. diver dave.


Where to find a microphone

The microphone will be in a familiar spot from the previous mission. diver dave. If you need a refresher, this is where to look.

Step 1: Dive straight into the Blue Hole.

Step 2: Continue down into the first cave for about 100-120 meters.

Step 3: To the east (or to the right), you will find an old yellow ship wreck. This is the same shipwreck you should have gone to to fight the first boss; giant squid While the boss is away, you need to keep an eye out for the many dangerous sea creatures.

Step 4 – Go through the ship and into the cave below and grab the microphone, which will be marked with a yellow exclamation point.

With this and the other two pieces needed to craft the Translator, you can return to Dr. Bacon to complete the quest.

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