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  • V1: Unlimited Money
  • V2: attack speed, one hit

If you are a fan of classic action games. Congratulations, because today I will introduce you to Darkrise. You can tell from a few pictures that this is an action RPG. Although newly released, it has 16-bit graphics. Early 8x or 9x gamers were very familiar with the culture. At first glance, it seems nostalgic as it is dedicated to lovers of this particular genre. Congratulations on being one of them. Now I will give you a better understanding.

Play as a hero with special abilities. Save the world from the evil dark forces. Fighting against hundreds of demons is really not a new topic these days. But that doesn’t mean it’s outdated and no one cares. Darkrise is also an example. This game can be considered as a good example of the game due to its beautiful graphics. Many epic battles will take place here. Of course, it was you who participated in all the battles. If you ask about other games, I would mention Eternal Senia, Legendary: Game of Heroes.

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Your land is occupied and destroyed by demons. They are countless dangerous races such as demons, zombies … are the target to invade your house and make it their territory. With endless hatred for the demons, you become the hero who defeats the army of demons. Bring peace to the villagers. In addition, the demons not only invade your place but also many other lands. From there begin your journey to slay the demons to free the world.

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You will control one of the boxers to fight. Control with the buttons to move the character on the screen. The same skill buttons are unique to each fighter. In general, the control system is very receptive and can be mastered after playing a level or two. In each level, monsters will appear in random locations on the screen through the portal. The initial amount will be very small and simple. But the increasingly dense number of monsters requires you to be very skillful to overcome.

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In Darkrise, there are 3 characters for you to control and fight. The three are Alice, Godric and Kira. The first is Alice, a girl with magical superpowers. Attacks enemies with abundant magic power, dealing massive damage. The second is Godric, the knight of freedom, with a sword that destroys all living things and solid armor that adds great stamina. The final warrior, Kira, wields a powerful arrow with a wide aura. You can customize options to control one of the 3 warriors. Level up to unlock more power for them.

Dark Rises Mod APK


There are 6 difficulty levels, from easiest to nightmare. Contains up to 20 lands for you to challenge each one. Each land will be inhabited by monsters of many different races. If you are new, get used to the lowest difficulty level. Then make your way, master and fully upgrade their fighters. The monster’s speed will also get faster on higher difficulty levels. If you do not want to lose your life at any time, you must control your position. Especially at high difficulty there will be enemies without specific information. This is a really good mechanic as it provides randomness for each match.

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Dark Rising Mods

Equipment and Support Gems

It is impossible not to mention the equipment system for every role-playing game. They must be present in the match to create the element of surprise. Strengthen your warriors to face tougher monsters. There are 8 types of youth and 6 levels of rarity. Displays the value of each item. When you want to add special effects, the gem setting function will help you. Gems can even be combined with each other. Create priceless and useful mixes on the battlefield. Visit the smithy at any time. Blacksmith always greets you with many surprises.

Darkrise mod for free

The golden age of the classic pixel game is long gone. Darkrise was released as a nostalgia for the fleeting times of veteran players. Although it is a product of the 21st century, what the developer invests in the game will always inherit the legendary game values ​​that have been imprinted in the minds of the previous generation. Invite everyone to download the Darkrise mod and relive many good memories of the past.

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