Dani Hampson Bio, Tom Mann Fiancee, Age, Who Was She?

Losing someone special is heartbreaking, especially when it is on a special day. The X Factor singer, Tom Mann’s fiancée Dani Hampson, died suddenly the morning of her wedding, leaving the singer in an “ocean” of tears and grief.

So who was she? She finds out all about Tom’s late fiancée as she continues Dani Hampson’s biography.

Meet Dani Hampson, Tom Mann’s fiancée

Dani Hampson and Tom Mann had been together since 2009. “You took me under your wing and have supported me ever since,” Tom recalled of his late fiancée.

Fast forward to May 2019, the lovebirds bought their first home which they like to call “our diamond in the rough and our safe place.” In addition, in December of the same year, the singer asked the question of the love of his life with a beautiful diamond ring at the Piano Bar and Restaurant in Piano Kensington.

“Christmas came early. I present to you my future husband,” Dani shared her happiness at that time through her IG.

So when everything was ready, Dani and Tom planned to get married in 2020. But sadly, COVID hit the world and everything was shut down.

Likewise, his plans to get married in 2021 have also been postponed by his professional life. Amid the disappointment, however, on October 18, 2021, the duo shared the good news that their baby boy Bowie Andrew Mann, their “highest, proudest, greatest moment,” had entered their world.

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“We are filled with a love that I didn’t know existed and that I will never be able to put into words. Bowie Andrew Mann was born on 10.18.2021. You changed our lives forever,” Dani shared via an IG post with her little one.

Also, with the start of 2022, Dani recalled, “2021 started like 2020, hoping to become husband and wife, only we ended up as mom and dad.”

Little did the star actor know that 2022 would be the darkest year of his life. On June 18, 2022, the day he was supposed to officially become a husband, Dani left this world.

Daniel Hampson Cause of death

Tom Mann first revealed the news of his fiancée’s death through an IG post, but did not mention the cause of her death. However, as reported by “celebseek.com”, Dani Hampson had just returned from a holiday in Sardinia with Tom and she had no health problems at the time. So her death must be a mystery.

“I can’t believe I’m writing these words but my dear Dani, my best friend, my everything and more, the love of my life, passed away in the early hours of Saturday June 18,” Tom wrote on his account. I G.

Then he followed the passage with long sorrowful words of love and reminiscing about all the days spent in the sun. In short, Tom may not have had the opportunity to marry his fiancée, but she was already his whole world. He promised to wear the ring that he was supposed to wear as a sign of his unconditional love.

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Also, Tom added that even though he is lost without him, he will be strong for his little one’s sake. “I won’t be a trace of the father you’ve already become, but I promise I’ll do everything I can to raise Bowie the way we’ve always wanted,” he promised.

Dani Hampson Age at death

Dani Hampson was 34 years old at the time of her death.

He was 6 years older than his fiancé Tom.

Speaking about their age difference, Dani once quipped: “The thing about our age difference is that he’s like fine wine and I’m aging at the speed of uncooled milk.”

Fun fact: Tom sang Elton John’s “Rocket Man” almost every day of Dani’s third term. Son was also on Dani’s birth playlist and was number 1 the day Bowie was born.

What do we know about Dana Hampson’s parents?

Dani Hampson was born to parents Martin and Janette Hampson. She and Tom were very close to them and went on vacations together several times. In fact, her parents would also come to stay with Dani and Tom during their trip to London.

As for Dana’s siblings, she has a 3-year-old younger brother named Andrew Hampson (Birthday: February 25). In 2022 he was in Manchester, UK with his girlfriend Helena Smith.

Additionally, Dani had a beloved grandfather named Bernard who was born on December 10, 1929. Last we saw him he was alive and well.

Daniel Hampson’s work

Dani Hampson is a dancer. She performed with Harry Styles and the Spice Girls.

In addition to dancing, Dani also worked as a public relations executive at Becky Knowles Communications. She started working there exactly one year after her internship.

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In case you’re interested in Becky Knowles Communications, this is a communications company that delves into the beauty, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, health, and wellness sectors.

Here is Dani’s LinkedIn.

Was Dani Hampson on Instagram?

Yes, Dani was on Instagram @danihampson with 4.3k followers.

Also, she was on Facebook @danielle.hampson.54.

Most of her social media posts featured her son and Tom.

  • Where was Daniel Hampson born?

Dani came from Westhoughton, Manchester, England.

  • When was Dani Hampson’s birthday?

Dani received birthday wishes on March 14 and belonged to the zodiac sign of Pisces.

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