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D Smooth, real name David Mitchell, is a contestant on NBC Vote Season 23 decided to go to this competition to show the world what he has shared with Birmingham over the years in smaller venues. And once there, he not only earned a swivel chair from the umpires, but also earned a Playoff Ticket. In the rest of the text, we tell you what it means to pass, D Pleasant trip so far in the competition, and about his life outside Vote.

D soft on Vote

When Vote knocked out of the playoffs during the May 1 (2023) episode, D Smooth appeared as one of four performers on Team Kelly Clarkson, no less.

During the April 3 episode, when D fought ALI on Allen Stone’s “Unaware” during the April 3 episode, Chance the Rapper couldn’t wait to steal it from his team. And right at that moment, Kelly took him to his house, using his Playoff Pass. This power for the first time in the program allowed Du to bypass the knockout round and go directly to the playoffs.

“I feel a little bad that you might want to work with Chance, but I don’t care. I love you. You have the gift of going all the way,” Kelly told D that day.

The team of Blake, Mary Kate Connor, Niall’s Ryley Tate Wilson and Chance’s Manasseh Samone also received playoff berths.

Among other things, D also considered participating in Voice to inspire those who have their own dreams.

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D, who previously used to perform Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” sang that very song during his blind audition on this show. On that note, D said that his nerves were a bit off when he started. But any sign of nervousness soon disappeared when Kelly turned her chair around.

Since then, D has been seizing the opportunity with his vocal coaches, preparing himself for what’s to come, you could say.

D wasn’t the only Montgomery singer this season Vote. Fifteen-year-old Ryley Tate Wilson, who D calls his “little brother,” and 20-year-old Jerome Godwin III, both from Team Niall, also made it through the blind auditions.

d soft girl

As of May 2023, D Smooth could be found marking his relationship status as “in a relationship” on social media. However, he did not mention whether he was still dating N’Dia Givens or not.

The last time D posted about his girlfriend N’Dija on Facebook was in June 2020. Before that, D wished her a happy birthday on October 3 multiple times. For example, on that day in 2017, she opened up about how she “literally” watched her grow from a girl to the woman she is today. He said that he was beyond blessed to grow up with her and called her the “black queen” and her “best friend”. A year earlier, D said that they have been playing together since they were “little children.”

How old is D Smooth?

D Smooth turned 25 in 2022. The day it happened, he announced on his social media that he was “turning a quarter of a century.” He said that God has been good to him and that his greatness is shown every year. Counting his blessings as well, he said, “I can’t complain too much, especially knowing where I come from.”

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D-Smooth Family

D Smooth’s father, Anthony Mitchell, appears to work in a bakery. He turned 53 in February 2023. The patriarch also stated on his Facebook that he is from Mulga, Alabama and currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama. According to D, his father is a good person, a con man, a selfless gentleman, and an even better father. D’s nickname for him is Amp/Peanut/Ant and according to him, his dad was never out.

Then we have Michelle Berry-Mitchell, D’s very good young mother. She and D’s father reportedly went to the same high school. They were in the class of 1989.

D’s mom turned 52 in March 2023 and may have had a career as a preschool teacher in Jefferson County Board of Education.

Another person in D’s family is his sister Breonna Mitchell from Minor, Alabama. She turned 29 in June 2022.

official BIO of D for Vote, also tells us that he grew up in the countryside and that all his extended family lived on the same street. On the other hand, it is said that he always felt blessed to have his family close to him to keep him grounded.

What job does D Smooth do?

D Smooth has quit all his jobs for a while now to pursue music full time. He revealed in front of the cameras. Vote that he found a way to use it to pay his bills.

He explained that, before he decided to pursue it full-time, music was just a “girlfriend” or partner to him. But after that, he said, music became his wife.

Talking about his education, D studied at Faulkner University and prior to that at Minor High School, Adamsville.

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In high school, he was a singer in a jazz band, but his main focus was sports.

D soft height

D Smooth is over 5 feet 10 inches tall.

  • When is D Smooth’s birthday?

D Smooth’s birthday is September 28 and that makes him a Libra.

  • Where does D Smooth come from?

D Smooth was born and raised in Mulga, a city in western Jefferson County, Alabama, in the United States. However, as of 2023, he was living in Birmingham, Alabama.

Meanwhile, he also went to Montgomery to attend Faulkner University.

  • Is D Smooth on Instagram and Facebook?

That. You can find D Smooth on Instagram and on Facebook. As of May 1, 2023, his IG @dsmoothofficial included 80 posts and 4,959 followers. He also regularly posted moments from his life on Facebook ‘David Mitchell’. So far, he has entertained over 3.5k followers on the latter, and in his BIO he wrote “I strive to be the best man of God I can be.”

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