Cuphead: Delicious Last Course – Glumstone The Giant Boss Fight Guide

Cuphead: Delicious Last Course DLC features a boss on the island’s east side named Glumstone the Giant. The massive boss lies near a mountain, with his stone feet clearly sticking out from the side of the peaks. The Glumstone the Giant boss fight consists of three stages with various types of attacks in each stage. Cuphead players looking to take on the Glumstone the Giant boss fight will need a few tips to avoid his attacks and strike back efficiently.

It may take a few attempts to be fully aware of Glumstone the Giant’s attack patterns, just like other boss fights like Sheriff Esther Winchester in Cuphead boss fight. However, once Cuphead players reach the Glumstone the Giant boss battle, they will begin with the giant on the right side of the stage, taking up much of the screen. Glumstone the Giant, with his long beard covering the ground like snow, has three different stages in his boss fight. The first Glumstone the Giant phase is his side beard form, followed by a phase in which Glumstone is behind the stage, then a final stage inside of Glumstone’s stomach.

Players must deal with attacks from all angles and always stay aware of Glumstone’s positioning to finish the battle. The first phase includes attacks from gnomes and rising platforms, the second phase has Glumstone attacking with puppets from the background, and the third phase has players fighting the muscles of Glumstone’s innards to survive. If players keep their distance from Glumstone’s attacks and swiftly counterattack, they won’t be buried in this Cuphead graveyard where a secret area can be unlocked.

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Glumstone The Giant Boss Fight: Beating The First Phase in In Cuphead: Delicious Last Course

The first phase includes multiple moves Glumstone will launch from the side of the screen.

  • First Attack: Glumstone unleashes gnomes onto the stage as stone pillars shoot up and down. Gnomes in blue clothes toss gold nuggets at the player while green gnomes attack with hammers.
  • Second Attack: Glumstone opens his mouth, revealing gnomes working on potions that create toxic gas clouds. The pink clouds can be parried.
  • Third Attack: Glumstone unleashes a bear to the middle of the arena. Players can avoid this by staying on the right-hand pillar.
  • Fourth Attack: Glumstone sends flying geese toward the player. These can be avoided by staying on lower ground.

Glumstone The Giant Boss Fight: Beating The Second Phase in In Cuphead: Delicious Last Course


The second phase includes attacks from Glumstone standing behind the stage:

  • First Attack: Glumstone bounces a ball between two puppets on each side of the stage. The player position determines the trajectory of the ball.
  • Second Attack: Gnomes pop out of the ground to jump up, shoot downward, and walk along the stage. These gnomes can be killed quickly. These concurrent, difficult attacks are part of what makes Cuphead: Delicious Last Course an extra-strength DLC.

Glumstone The Giant Boss Fight: Beating The Final Phase in In Cuphead: Delicious Last Course


The third phase includes Glumstone eating the player and arriving in his stomach. Players must balance on platforms floating on Glumstone’s stomach acid while fighting him.

  • First Attack: Small birds attack the player in a straight line, which can be jumped over.
  • Second Attack: Glumstone’s sphincter throws food and bones from above, which are eaten by the floating platforms.
  • Third Attack: Glumstone’s sphincter opens its mouth and rings a bell that must be parried to make the platforms return in Cuphead‘s latest DLC.
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Cuphead: Delicious Last Course is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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