Criminal Desires MOD APK (Free Premium choices) 2.1.11

In the society we live in, there are all kinds of hidden crimes. They are stupid, reckless and easy to catch. Maybe it was someone with a classy head, super intelligence and a perfect cover. Let’s learn them now in the world of Criminal Desire. Together, transform into investigators with the ability to track down sharp criminals. Track down criminals and bring them to justice immediately.

From the past to the present, the genre of stories full of elements of passion has always had a strong attraction to readers. The emotional element of the man in the story is always a fascinating detail. To serve readers, “Criminal Lust” also has this element. Like a collection of stories. Introducing a real-life detective detective’s crime investigation situation. A somewhat serious and somewhat dangerous job for myself. Experience the exciting storyline of Criminal Desires and see how our detectives will hunt down criminals. What will they do with this criminal, how will they end up?

Download Criminal Desires mod – Become a talented Inspector

At the beginning of “Criminal Desires”, the player will play a talented detective duo. They were given a very difficult and challenging task. It’s about infiltrating the home of one of the most notorious criminals in the area and investigating. The next thing is to defeat him and bring him to justice. A task that may seem difficult, but they will take on it because they are confident in themselves. Their talent for solving crimes and their sharp reasoning skills. You can choose the character’s dialogue to communicate. Build an interesting and engaging story in the direction you choose. Let your heart be your guide on this mystical journey.

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criminal desire download

reasoning and logic

When playing Criminal Lust, you cannot choose a random line. Because doing so will throw the game off balance and off track. You must have the right direction. Use your super brain and amazing reasoning skills. You will lead the character in your direction and from there the interesting things begin. Unravel the mysteries of crime and lust in engaging and exciting chapters. Feel the criminal and social lust that it truly and deeply reflects. Understanding the psychology of smart criminals. Guess what they want and make the best decision from there.

criminal lust

hard choice

Let’s say it’s in a difficult situation to say. You can only choose between upright law and a loving family on the other. How will you choose? Choose Heart or Brain? It is a very difficult decision, but it all depends on you. Please handle the situation in Criminal Desires in the most reasonable way possible. Every decision you make affects the direction of the inspector. Cultivate analytical skills and acumen from conversations and handle them appropriately. Allowing yourself to lead the story instantly becomes dramatic and engaging.

Criminal Lust Mod

decide your future

The right to decide your own future is not easy. Each of these conditions can affect your life. We have no way of knowing what will happen next in our lives. Every major decision we make affects what we do now and in the future. So think wisely and choose wisely. Smart decisions will make it easier for you to realize your ambitions. Don’t regret your choice and what you did. The future of the desired Crime Inspector depends on you.

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Criminal lust mod apk

choose your desired ending

Funny you’ve decided to put an end to your criminal desires, haven’t you? All details in the cases you deal with will be related to the epilogue. Whether you have fun or not depends entirely on how you play. Different personalities can take the game in different directions. You will be like a movie director. Take your movie in the direction you really want it. Please guide the inspector in the right direction. The ending will also surprise you and make difficult decisions. Download Criminal Desires mod now and become a super cool Inspector. Let’s find out the criminal’s wish and solve it immediately.

Download Criminal Desires MOD APK for Android (Free Premium Option)

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