Create A Playlist For Your Swim Workout

A good swimming routine depends on fluid strokes and solid technique. Many swimmers find that the right swimming workout playlist and a good pair of underwater headphones not only help them get well and ready to swim, but the right songs can also help them stay fit. Maintain a fast, steady rhythm to the music. water action. By choosing the right song before, during, and after a swim, you’ll find music can help a swimmer warm up or cool down with some soothing, water-like sounds. The positive message, captivating vocals, and resonant bass form the perfect combination to propel you into action. more important? Research proves what’s always right in our bones—the right combination of volume, tempo, and lyrics can improve swimming speed and duration, and enhance the overall experience. A study of five swimmers found that their stroke frequency increased from an average of 37-40 without music to 42-43 with music on.

How music can improve lap time

Swimmers in the study said they were more focused when swimming to the music and found that the rhythm of the music was more important to their increased speed than the lyrics or volume. The music used in the study included winning tunes Raiders of the Lost Ark theme songby michael jackson beat it, And lose yourself fragile. Here are some obvious choices to add to your swimming list. When scientists tested songs to see how they boosted excitement and improved group performance, the most effective tempo range was between 125-140 beats per minute (BPM).

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For a playlist that looks great from start to finish, it’s best to start with a slightly slower playback speed as you feel the temperature and buoyancy of the water and begin to warm up. The best choice to warm up on the wave is Farm Created by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. This emotional track not only offers a warm, mellow opening beat and rhythm at 96 BPM, but it also ends with an inspiring climax. Furthermore, the lyrics are almost too perfect, something like “I’ve left the abyss, watch me dive, I’ll never touch the ground…”

How to create the perfect playlist

Create a swimming exercise list

heat up to FarmGetting up to speed with the 2003 hit single, I believe in a thing called love Performed by British band The Darkness at 128 BPM. Then follow the super fun Take it off Composed by Taylor Swift at 160 BPM. Next, let’s start using run run run run, produced by OneRepublic with an eerie whistling intro, soaring vocals, and 117 BPM. Finally, relax and feel comfortable practicing with Shakira’s charming songs, don’t lie.

Depending on how long you exercise, your playlist may include swimmer favorites such as Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in minor For motivation, rose kiss Written by Seal with beautiful lyrics like “My Strength, My Joy, My Pain” and Kiss’s i want to kick all night An eclectic swimming combination. Finally, to buy time, an Olympic swimmer admitted she was listening to classical music american cake Played by Don McClean through her best underwater headphones as part of her swimming workout list. She then sang the entire song in her head to track her time in the race when she knew she could do the 500-yard freestyle before finishing the 8-minute track!

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No matter what songs you add to your personal pool playlist, the right music can lift your mood, speed it up, and then help you relax. Try ending your swim session with a relaxed back that floats to hauntingly sweet sounds Pool by Emmy Great.

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