Could Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott Return After Scream 6? Producer Responds

With the latest chapter finally hitting theaters, producer William Sherak looks to the future and talks about Neve Campbell’s possible Sidney Prescott role. after unification scream 6. After playing the female lead of the murder series in four movies, returning in 2022 to support fashion screamCampbell was unhappy with the proposal made, announcing that she would not be returning for the sequel due to a salary dispute. scream 6 Will continue to bring back Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers and Hayden Panetierre’s Kirby, as well as franchise newcomers for 2022.

duration Recently interviewed Sherak and the Project X Entertainment team to discuss scream 6As the conversation turned to Neve Campbell’s departure from the infamous franchise due to a pay dispute, the producer shared his thoughts on Sidney’s possible future return and offered an outlook. optimistic for her return. Check out what Sherak had to say below:

Look, she’s a great person. We had a great time with her [2022’s Scream], [so] We watched it and said, she’s an important part of this team. We want her to make the decision that’s right for her and she will always be welcome and part of the franchise. I think that’s interesting [writers] Jamie [Vanderbilt] and the guy [Busick] The work done in seasons 5 and 6 proves that anyone can exist in this series at any time. So we looked at it and said, “Here’s a door, and it’s open, and whoever it is, you can walk in at any time, as a legacy character.” .” We continue to expand the legacy characters we have The number of them, they are all great characters that we can bring back at any time. The lifestyle of this story is amazing and everyone in it is absolutely breathtaking. As we look to the future, anyone and everyone who has joined them before can be a part of them again if we are allowed to continue creating them. Our legacy actors are part of our family, we see them that way, and we just want to continue to enjoy the great time we had when we made them, so anytime Either way, they could be part of a series.

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Will Scream 7 Introduce Sidney’s Return?

While the franchise may be outdated for some and risks becoming the very movies it satirizes on, scream It seems to have found a new life under the leadership of the directing team, Radio Silence.Review of scream 6 Critically acclaimed, best review score since 1997 scream 2 And the best viewership ratings of the entire series at the time of writing. This critical success paid dividends at the box office, scream 6 expected to beat both creed 3 And marks the most powerful opening of the franchise.

creative team behind scream 6 They have already begun to tease their ideas for the next movie, thus opening the door for Campbell to return to Sidney in the future. The series star has previously assured that she is still interested in the films and that she would be open to considering returning if the offer “fits”the value I bring to them. Franchise vet Skeet Ulrich recently said Campbell likes the direction scream 6The story, she remembers, is part of the movie.

And scream 6 Showing that it can dominate the box office without Campbell’s Sidney at the forefront of story or marketing, it raises the question of whether the actor needs a return. Considering there are so many other classic characters that franchise fans have been clamoring to see, specifically Matthew Lillard’s Stummer, it could ultimately prove to be a more interesting creative project in trying. bring these other faces back to life. Currently.

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