Coral Island: How To Fast Travel

Although fast movement may not be a feature for all players Atollthis definitely makes browsing the map more convenient and saves accumulated travel Disney Dream Valleywishing well or fog valleywarp totem, Atoll Its map has several stone lights that can be used to instantly move from one location to another. This allows farming simulation enthusiasts to meet NPCs and easily complete their quest or quest objective.

However, these stone lamps do not work at the start of the game. Activate them and unlock the fast journey Atollthe player must follow the main quest line to start”mythical dream“, a quest that is triggered after the player’s protagonist falls asleep and has a strange dream. As the player completes the objectives of this quest, they will eventually be tasked with meeting the female god of the island at Lake Temple The player must travel west from their home Walk through Garden Lane to this location and into the forest From here they must continue west to find the lake with its sanctuary .

After talking to the goddess, the player will receive the next task, which is to make an offering in the temple to restore the power of the goddess. These temple offerings have a very similar mechanism to the community center pack fog valley. Select “Basic Resources” and place five of the seven required resources in the altar tiles to complete the offering. These items can be found around the player’s house in forests and farmland.

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Fast travel atoll unlocks recycling machine

After completing the Sacrifice at the Basic Resource Altar, the player will unlock the Recycler and the ability to fast travel Atoll. However, this only includes the stone lamps on the farm and the temple by the lake. Players can unlock more points that move faster as they complete the main quest. On the other hand, the player can early unlock the third fastest moving point in the jungle cave.

The Forest Cave is located northwest of the player’s house, where ores and minerals can be mined for crafting and selling. If the player interacts with the text on the fast-moving stone lamp at the location, a puzzle will appear asking the islanders to “touch the bottom of the Earth”. Follow youtube channel Gosu XiaobaiThis puzzle means that the player must descend to the 15th floor of the Forest Cave to activate the Stone Lamp. After completing this feat, fans will be able to quickly move to Atoll.

Source: YouTube/GosuNoob

  • Atoll Platform: PC Release time: 2050-01-01 Developer: Stair Games Publisher: Humble Games Genre: Life Sim, Simulation ESRB: 8+ How long to play: 22 hours 20 meters
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