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Cooking Diary is a game that allows you to take over a restaurant and grow it. In keeping with your grandfather’s last wish, you’re lucky to have the chance to make Tasty Hills the culinary world it is. The main character is also a chef, that’s why you were chosen to develop the land. Plan and build restaurant ideas and make them known to many customers. When this place is a stopover for the hungry, you will succeed. Cooking Diary puts you in the role of a manager, gaining experience from each customer service. Branding and food quality to the highest standards.

You will hand over the employee’s work to the manager. Don’t think about standing with your arms crossed and delegating tasks to someone else. Cooking Diary is not the kind of game where the player cooks a meal for a customer. You need to pay attention to their every move to ensure the stable development of the restaurant. Not only creating attractive dishes, players also need to be satisfied. They are the ones who bring in income for you to develop your restaurant.

Download Cooking Diary mod – grow your cooking restaurant

Your love of cooking means a lot in carrying out the heyday restoration work done by your grandfather. It’s time for your grandfather to rest. Let’s continue to build this place into one of the best places to eat in the area. Great food on the menu and fastest service. We must be good at word of mouth and must not leave any customer unsatisfied with the service. If they leave, it’s your fault. The player’s cooking diary is operating in the most extreme environments. This is also how you easily get the best quality. Don’t limit yourself to any framework. Try to work in multiple positions.

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Cooking Diary Mod Free

become a good chef

Improve your cooking skills. Diversify the menu to add more dishes and drinks. Customer needs are always in a very rich state. However, do not focus so much on quantity that you forget to ensure the quality of the services provided. Cooking Diary challenges players on many different levels. You will start with dishes from basic to complex. Convince customers of your skills and leave them satisfied after every meal. Time it carefully so your guests don’t leave. Alternatively, you might consider joining Master Chef to build your name.

Cooking Diary Mod

restaurant design

If you pay attention, you may find yourself needing to replace some old items. They change color and are often covered with a relatively thick layer of dust. Try to put the customer in the place of the restaurant, see the scene and you will know what to do. Change the overall landscape of the restaurant to a new style. Floors, paintings, curtains, TV or furniture… there are many options to create a specially designed dining room. Physical beauty is also a smart way to impress customers. Combined with great food, it’s only a matter of time before you hit a top quality score.

Customize your character

Even if you are a chef and manager. But that doesn’t mean you’ll wear the chef suit forever. The player’s cooking diary can change clothes and accessories. You can choose the outfit, hat or shoes you want. Wear expensive glasses and show a different fashion sense. When the level reaches a certain limit, the investment in the image is indispensable. Become a gourmet chef in Cooking Diary and be confident in every level created by the developers.

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Cooking Diary Mod Download

Cooking Diary allows players to connect online with many other people. You can cook and interact with friends on social networks. Make your restaurant stand out. Complete the levels well and don’t let your interior down. Download the cooking diary mod to grow your restaurant and attract more customers.

Download Cooking Diary MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money, Keys)

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