Colin Allred Parents: Mom Judith Allred And Anonymous Dad

Colin Allred grew up in a single parent family. He saw his mother struggling to earn a living. So he knew that he had to be at his best if they were to see better days. Good job done! Colin is now the Democratic Representative for the 32nd Congressional District in Dallas, Texas, and has announced his candidacy for the US Senate in 2024. But who are Colin’s parents? Let’s meet them below.

Who are Colin Allred’s parents?

Colin Allred didn’t like to talk about his parents; especially his father. However, he discovered that he owed it to his mother, Judith Allred, who raised him alone!

One of the reasons the congressman is aiming for the stars is to give his mother the life she never had. And for that, Colin worked diligently since childhood.

Born and raised in North Dallas, Colin was class president at Hillcrest High School and received a full soccer scholarship to Baylor University. In 2005, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and planned to enter law school. However, he was drafted by the NFL and played linebacker for the next five seasons before suffering a career-ending injury.

So he went back to school to earn a law degree at the University of California, Berkeley, earning his J.D. in 2014. He then began his political career working in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of General Counsel for the Obama administration. He also became a civil rights attorney for the Perkins Coie law firm, working as a voting rights litigator and consultant to political candidates and advocacy organizations.

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Wanting to do more, Colin returned to his hometown of Dallas and challenged Republican Congressman Pete Sessions for his seat. In 2018, he finally defeated Pete to finally become the United States Representative for the 32nd Congressional District.

So, as a legislator, Colin has dedicated his life to helping North Texas families have the same opportunities he had to fulfill their dreams. His top priorities in Congress have been to work to reduce health care costs, protect Medicare and Social Security, and create an economy that works for everyone.

Now, to give more to the people, he has announced his candidacy for the US Senate in 2024.

Meet Judith Allred, mother of Colin Allred

Judith Allred is the mother of Colin Allred. She was born in October 1946 and spent most of her life as a teacher in the Dallas Public Schools. More precisely, she taught children for 27 years, at school or privately.

“My mom worked very hard. At night we would go to the Task Hotline. She would teach the children to earn extra money. But it seemed like it was never enough to make ends meet,” Colin recalled.

Not surprisingly, the congressman often sang words of praise about her. “To my mom, aunt, and all the mothers, caregivers, and loved ones who make a difference in the world: Happy #Mother’sDay,” she wrote in the IG post about Mother’s Day 2023.

Also, Colin admitted that his mother’s job was difficult and that he thanks her for never giving up. “My mom was a public school teacher so I know how important teachers are to this community. We need to invest in them which is why I secured federal funding for @dallascollegetx to help train the next generation of educators,” she wrote. .

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In addition to being a teacher, Judith is also a fighter and a survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she beat to the core! It was also why Colin favored bipartisan legislation to increase access to cancer diagnostic tests.

Regarding her nationality, Judith is English. Her parents are Opie D. Gabriel “Gabe” Allred and Wilde Gertrude “Gertie” Roberts.

What do we know about Colin Allred’s father?

Colin Allred never knew his father. So he knows the problems of a child who grows up without a father. But Colin doesn’t hold a grudge against her. Instead, he thanks his father for the lessons and promises he made to himself to be there for his children when he became a father.

The congressman is now a loving husband and father of two children. He also proudly became the first member of Congress to take paternity leave and is a passionate advocate for paid family leave for all Americans.

Another reason Colin didn’t hold a grudge against his father was because he had counselors, teachers, and YMCA coaches looking out for him growing up. “I met so many dedicated fathers and father figures while he was working for North Texas. Today I wish all the fathers and father figures in District 32 of Texas a Happy Father’s Day. We are grateful for his support and appreciate his contribution to our community,” he wrote on Father’s Day 2020.

In addition to his YMCA mentors, Colin received critical help from his maternal aunt and paternal uncle.

Trivia: Although we don’t know the name of Colin’s father, it is revealed that he was African-American.

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  • How long were Colin Allred’s parents together?

It is unclear how long Colin’s parents were together. But we know that they broke up before or in the early 80’s.

  • How many children do Colin Allred’s parents have?

Colin is the only child of his parents.

  • Where are Colin Allred’s parents from?

Colin’s mother, Judith, lived in Dallas, TX. But the whereabouts of his father have not been revealed.

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