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Meet Cody (Allen) Assenmacher, one of the contestants set to compete for the $1 million prize on Survivors 43. The series kicked off with a two-hour premiere on September 21, 2022, and here’s ‘Cody Assenmacher Biography’ to tell you all about his height, parents, wife, and journey through Survivors 43.

Cody Assenmacher in Survivors 43

Cody is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie and someone who lives to get radical. He is no stranger to island life, his game plan was laid out by some of his former favorite players.

He said that he decided to participate in the program to win a million dollars. He lives in Hawaii and since it’s expensive, she said, he could use the money.

So, to the question of who is one survived winner and a non-winner he identifies with the most, he said, the first being Tony, who he believes has the foundations of the Survivor game in his strategy, and the other non-winners being Ozzy or Malcolm.

As for her favorite memories of the show, she said, it’s those challenges when people eat some of the lumpy food.

Apparently Cody was around for years before he got in survived. So, he said that he felt a little nervous about this, but other than that, he just wanted to be himself and have fun.

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Of course, he also had in mind that his number one alliance would be someone very different from him.

Cody has a long history with survived. He even remembers when the show first aired. His neighbors, he said, would come to his house and insist on changing the channel to CBS and watch that supposed show. survived.

As for Cody, he stopped looking after a while. But during the pandemic, he became a binge watcher again. And looking at her this time, he realized that he had the skills to participate and win this game.

How old is Cody Assenmacher?

Cody Assenmacher was born in December 1986. So, in 2021, he turned 35 years old.

Who are the parents of Cody Assenmacher?

Mary Jean Assenmacher and Dale Edward Assenmacher are the parents of Cody Assenmacher.

Cody’s mother, Mary Jean Assenmacher, turned 61 in December 2021. As of 2022, she lived in Preston, Iowa with her forever husband, Dale Edward Assenmacher (Cody’s father), who turned 63 in September 1959.

This couple was together on social media as ‘Dalenmary Assenmacher’.

Then once Cody told a story about his older brother tying him to a sled behind an ATV in a frozen cornfield. This brother is Michael John Assenmacher. He lives in Lewistown, Montana and turned 40 in January 2022.

Other family members we know of include Cody’s niece, Ava Assenmacher (on IG @aassenmacher6), and maternal grandmother, Marcella L. Butschi, who died at age 94 in May 2019.

Cody Assenmacher Height

Cody Assenmacher is 5’9″.

Comparing your strategy in survived with her hairstyle, she said, during her introduction to the show, that “the front is a relationship and the back is a clever strategy. She later also admitted to having a “live” tattoo on her rear.

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Cody Assenmacher’s business

In survived Cody Assenmacher is listed as an expert in elevator sales. On his LinkedIn, he mentioned that he is an account manager for HORSESsince June 2009

Prior to that, from February 2007 to May 2009, he worked as a warranty analyst at John Deere. Also sometime in 2008, he worked as an instructor at Dongguan University of Technology.

Regarding education, he studied at the University of Northern Iowa from 2005 to 2009.

Is Cody Assenmacher on Instagram?

Cody can be found on Instagram as Kama’aina Cody (@codyassenmacher), with 24 posts and 741 followers as of September 23, 2022. He wrote “Get busy LIVIN or get to work dying” in his BIO.

Cody has only been using Instagram since March 2022. That’s when he said he realized he was the last person to join Instagram besides his parents. “Mom and dad don’t do that, it’s a trap,” he said at the end.

Wife of Cody Assenmacher

Cody Assenmacher was not married in 2022. However, he was definitely in a relationship with this lady named Danielle Hughes.

Cody Assenmacher seen with his girlfriend Bali in July 2022 (PHOTO: Instagram)

Danielle started working at Moana Surfrider, Westin Resort & Spa on February 25, 2019. And before that, she studied at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Upper Merion High School.

Now based in Kailua, Honolulu County, Hawaii, Danielle and Cody were still going strong in 2022.

As for where they started dating, they’ve been together since at least December 2020.

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  • How old is Cody Assenmacher?

Cody Assenmacher was born in 1986. So, in 2021, he turned 35 years old.

  • Where is Cody Assenmacher from?

Cody Assenmacher is a native of Preston, Iowa, about 20 minutes east of Maquoketa, in Jackson County. Although currently (2022) he lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

He believes that growing up in a small town in Iowa and then moving to Hawaii, where community is highly valued, made him a man of his word because in these small communities everyone knows each other.

  • When is Cody Assenmacher’s birthday?

Cody has yet to reveal his birthday. However, he recently mentioned that his girlfriend “Dani Girl” let his birthday be like his in Bali, Indonesia.

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