Chuck Drummond Passed Away At The Age Of 79

Ree Drummond recently wrote a blog post in memory of her father-in-law, Chuck Drummond, who passed away on November 4. Ree mentioned in a blog post that Chuck died quietly in his sleep. She also said her father’s medical bills had gotten worse in recent months. She did not say whether he was hospitalized before his death.

Ree says of her blog on Facebook:

“Many of you have known Pa-Pa through my blog and cooking show over the years, and I wanted to tell you some good news.” Thank you for your love and prayers, especially for Ladd and his brother Tim, as well as their six grandchildren.”

Chuck Drummond’s daughter-in-law wrote in a touching tribute to him: “We love you so much, Dad.”

Ree blogged on her website, Pioneer Woman, on November 6, 2022. In the post, she told readers that Chuck passed away peacefully in his sleep on Friday. She went on to say that she delayed sharing the news for a few days because she needed to “connect with the extended family, take a breath, and cry a few tears.” Ree noted in her blog post that Chuck Drummond’s health had deteriorated over the past few months and his family realized he didn’t have much time left. When asked about her father-in-law, Ree said:

“Many of you know Chuck as Pa-Pa, as we all call him. He had three sons and taught them everything he knew about cattle ranching before passing the torch to his six grandchildren.”

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According to Ree, Chuck’s grandchildren never admitted that they were bored in front of him because he would “spend enough effort to cure you of boredom forever!” According to her, Chuck is also described as a kind, outgoing guy who “communicates with distant relatives, coordinates family reunions, and ensures relationships are preserved over the years”.

Ree talked about her relationship with Chuck, saying he was always there for her, sharing recipes and watching her QVC shows. She ends her blog with the words:

“We adore you.” Thank you for living such an exciting life and allowing us to be a part of it.

Who is Chuck Drummond?

Chuck Drummond, also known as Charles Robert Drummond, was born on March 12, 1943 and spent the first five years of his life on the family farm, where he learned to ride. Agriculture and animal husbandry have been major aspects of his life since then. He is also a big fan of hunting. Chuck was the class president and a soccer player in high school. He then enrolled at Oklahoma State University, where he earned a degree in agricultural economics. Chuck faced many problems as a rancher, including ice storms, pests, and changes in cow prices.

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Chuck Drummond and Nan Olsen married in August 1964 and had their first child, Todd, in September 1965. Their second son, Timothy, was born in July 1967, and their third son, Ladd, born January 1968. Chuck’s two sons outlive him. Todd Olsen, his eldest son, died at the age of 18, and Nan Olsen five years ago.

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