Did the 39-Year-Old Christine Chiu Use Plastic Surgery to Appear Younger?

Many people are curious whether Christine Chiu received plastic surgery and what she looked like before the treatments.

She publicly acknowledges using Botox, breast implants, and fillers. Even at the age of 39, the cast of Bling Empire remains gorgeous, fresh, and lovely. In addition, her husband operates a Beverly Hills plastic surgery facility, where she serves as executive director.

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Christine Chiu

Christine Chiu (@christianchiu) has never concealed the fact that she has undergone plastic surgery or is not a natural beauty. She has disclosed that she has received Botox, fillers, Emsculpt on her abdomen and arms, Emsculpt on her butt, and breast implants. Some individuals believe she has also undergone double-eyelid surgery. However, she has never corroborated this claim, perhaps because she had never had one.

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Viewers of Bling Empire could not help but speculate about the plastic surgery of the cast members. They are all beautiful but in an unnatural way. In addition, they frequently make jokes about their fillers and refer to each other as “faker than your breasts.” Consequently, interest in the cosmetic operations they had had was inevitable.

Christine Chiu

People are particularly interested in Christine Chiu’s position since she is married to Dr. Gabriel Chiu, a well-known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Fans were curious about how Chiu would respond to rumors of cosmetic treatments, even though the cast of Bling Empire had never been the kind to play shy about plastic surgery (they made jokes about it).

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Surely, the reality star could hardly oppose plastic surgery, given that it is her source of income (she co-owns the luxe medispa in Beverly Hills with her Dr. Gabriel Chiu). She has confessed that she enjoys their profession and that the thrill of discovery and transforming lives, skin, and bodies keeps them going; this is her high.

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In the third season of Bling Empire, jokes were made regarding her breast augmentation and fillers. In addition, she previously published a flashback photo of herself from college in which she appears drastically different than she does now. Concerning her acceptance of the fact that she had undergone surgery, it was unclear if she would merely laugh about it or take it seriously. In addition, followers wanted to know if her physician was Dr. Gabriel Chu.

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Christine Chiu didn’t disappoint her admirers by being too pompous about plastic surgery, as she verified every treatment and detailed them in a post on Instagram. For those who were curious, she did describe what she had gotten done over the years as “perks” of being married to cosmetic surgery.

Christine Chiu published

Christine Chiu published a series of photographs and films documenting her cosmetic operations, which included Botox, lip fillers, and Emsculpt.

She did not mention double eyelid surgery, which many viewers who feel she underwent cosmetic treatments seem more Western assume. Perhaps they were mistaken about that one.

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Christine Chiu also noted that her appearance is not solely the result of cosmetic surgery, and she thanked the makeup artists and others who helped her lose and gain weight along the road. She also responded to the bullies who were condemning her for undergoing surgery.

I endorse men and women doing what makes them look and feel better so long as it is done safely, with a skilled practitioner, and in moderation.

According to The Sun, Dr. Gabriel Chiu was sued for ‘negligently and carelessly’ treating a patient suffering from post-surgery complications. It was admirable that Christine Chiu stood up for people who decided to get plastic surgery on their bodies. Still, getting it done safely with a qualified practitioner was ironic given that her husband had been accused of malpractice and sued for ‘negligently and carelessly’ treating a patient with post-surgery complications. The case was eventually resolved, but nevertheless.

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