Chewy sends a heartfelt message about the importance of pets

There are a number of companies that sell pet products to help you and your loved ones live their best lives.

Chewy is one of those brands that goes above and beyond, making sure their customers are as satisfied as possible.

They created a virtual playground to help pet owners come together during quarantine.

It instantly displays loads of different animals, including incredibly cute puppies, cats, and hedgehogs.

Sharing how they’ve been walking their dogs, spending time with their cats, and just loving their pets a little more during this strange time, these pet owners can’t express how much they love people. How much are your animal friends.

Whether it’s a hedgehog enjoying a refreshing swim in a shallow tub or a cat posing for a portrait, it’s safe to say that big pets bring us closer together.

We hope you have a quirky friend to keep you company and give you endless love.

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