Chainsaw Man’s New Villain Holds the Key to a Huge Hell Mystery

warning! Spoilers for Saw Chapter 100! The Demon of War, a.k.a. Yoru, recently made a comment on the Demon, which involved a major mystery being introduced. chainsaw man The first part is about what their fellow humans can remember after hell.

in the first part chainsaw man, it has long been concluded that Mr. Demons are in hell and will be reborn on earth after death. After dying on earth, they go back to hell and repeat the whole process. Note that the demons don’t remember anything of their time on Earth or Hell after reincarnation, except for their final moments in Hell, where they heard the chainsaw roar first. when you die. chainsaw man It is implied that all demons are susceptible to this particular form of amnesia, with the exception of Makima. But Yoru recently told her human host, Asa Mitaka, something that contradicts that, seeing her as the possible answer behind this massive burn. chainsaw man question.

in Chapter 100 chainsaw man Directed by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Yame witnesses Mitaka being mercilessly bullied by her classmates at school. Later, Night tells Mitaka that bullying is common in human society and demons have no social mobility, and asks her if she should take care of them for her. Although nothing special, it is difficult for the reader to hate chainsaw man War Devil, her comments also hint more at her character.

Unless Yoru spends a considerable amount of time in the human world, witnessing the demons interacting for long periods of stay, she won’t know that the demon community is illegal and bullied. That’s because demons aren’t allowed to remember anything about their time in hell other than the spinning chainsaw. If Yoru is only for a short time in the human world, then it means that she is somehow immune to amnesia reincarnating down to Earth to fight off the demons, so can lighten up. shows what hell would be like if the chainsaw demon Pochita, was the Origin and reason behind the chainsaw sound before the demon died. However, the fact that Yoru also knows that humans bully each other for the same reasons as demons gives the unfortunate impression that she also knows all about human society, which means that she may have been on Earth for a long time, during which time she may have had demonic research at the same time.

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But there is a complicating factor. Earlier, Yoru made an interesting comment about making the chainsaw demon spew nuclei, suggesting that she is also immune to another effect the chainsaw demon has on others, but in case hey, when he ate while releasing demons. It has been established that any demon consumed by the chainsaw demon is missing, along with others’ memories of the fear the cannibal demon currently represents. Since the chainsaw demon ate demons associated with nuclear weapons, Yoru shouldn’t remember them, but she clearly has. So, unlike the other demons, Joru can remember more of the Underworld, as hinted by her comments about bullying in demon society. chainsaw man Go from weekly to biweekly. Hope this is worth the wait.

chainsaw man The latest chapter is now available on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app!

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