Chainsaw Man’s Most Breathtaking Moment Has an Incredibly Dark Origin

comic chainsaw man Created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, it’s known for its top-notch action and brutal gore, but it maintains a thematic layer throughout its compelling visuals. chainsaw man Tackle a variety of topics including love, change, and most importantly, fear. Nowhere is that more obvious than the most awe-inspiring console in the series, which makes no attempt to hide Fujimoto’s message of fear.

in chapter 64 chainsaw manIn the film, the international assassin dubbed “Santa Claus” successfully uses his former apprentices to contact the Dark Lord and make a contract. Since all previous characters were teleported to the Underworld, the new Demon of Darkness was able to fully manifest and appear before the Demon Hunter and Santa Claus. As it debuted, the Demon of Darkness stood in front of a hall of astronauts divided in two, hands clasped in prayer. chainsaw man The image is strange and at first glance seems completely random, but most likely it alludes to an extremely dark event in human history.

This page can reference photos of the Apollo 1 crew, including Ed White, Gus Grissom and Roger B. Chaffee. In this photo, three astronauts are joking and clasping their hands in prayer aboard a miniature version of the Apollo 1 space shuttle. On January 27, 1967, the space shuttle caught fire during a test launch, killing all three astronauts died. Fujimoto’s use of praying astronauts doesn’t seem like a coincidence, especially when it comes to dark demons. All the demons in the world chainsaw man Driven by people’s fear of aspects of the reality they represent, the fallen astronaut image seems designed to evoke a fear of space and, conversely, a fear of about darkness. The explosion and destruction caused by the failed space shuttle test evoked all of man’s fear of space—the thought of being trapped, alone and knocked down, even trying approach the void that will eventually devour everything.

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Space is considered to be the final frontier but always the ultimate darkness that surrounds people. The arrival of the fallen astronaut heralds the demon of darkness as a warning. Fujimoto uses images of astronauts praying to illustrate that space, and the horror it contains is not something to be taken lightly. For example, chainsaw manAstronauts are explorers in the dark, hoping for the best and meeting the worst. Space holds the unknown, and the dark demon’s entourage represents the idea that humans have no control over the vast night beyond their planet, even if it has to do with photographs. of Apollo 1 or not.

chainsaw manThe most famous boards are directly related to the fear theme that appears in the comics. The most common demons in the series are those that represent and represent weapons such as bombs, crossbows, and katanas, but the truly powerful demons are more abstract in nature. These include the Four Horsemen of Conquest, Death, War and Hunger, as well as the Dark Demon itself. The fear of the dark is deeply connected with the human experience and way of seeing the dark. chainsaw manThe Demon of Darkness is the terrifying culmination of that fear, and it makes sense to express it by referring to a real-life tragedy that has seen those fears come true.

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