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Star Rebel Wilson, who only saw the film at the official premiere, recalled her first reaction upon seeing the popular film.

cat Star Rebel Wilson recalls her first reaction upon seeing the film. Released in 2019, cat Based on the award-winning musical of the same name by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Actors Judi Dench, Idris Elba and James Corden, among others, cat Follow a group of outcasts as they have to compete in the annual Jellicle Ball, one of them is chosen to advance to Heaviside and receive a new life. Considered by many to be one of the worst musical adaptations of all time and the biggest box office flop of the 2010s. cat As it turns out, there’s a divide between viewers and their own star.

sit with andy cohen Watch live!Wilson Reveals Her Scary Reaction While Watching cat Firstly.

As Wilson explained, she only watched a short clip of the film before seeing it at its official premiere, and was absolutely amazed at how it turned out. Read Wilson’s account of how she reacted cat as follows:

“They actually showed me the version without any digital effects, so I saw us all wearing this lycra bodysuit… That was the first time I saw it and I thought. , ‘Ah, that’s great…?’ …the first time I saw it sitting next to everyone at the premiere, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s… that’s… …’ That’s what I said.

Where is the wrong cat?

cat cockroach

cat It seems to have all the elements that make a great movie: a host of top Hollywood talent, including original songs by pop star Taylor Swift, Oscar-winning director Tom Hopper and the legend of Webber. However, nothing stopped the film from becoming a social media meme after its release. cat’ The trouble seems to have started long before the movie even begins, as some are pessimistic about the prospects simply because of the musical’s quirky plot. Already a polarizing musical, cat It’s a risk from the start, and viewers don’t know what’s going to happen.

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any hope cat As soon as the first images and trailers of the film appeared online, it changed the minds of opponents. Viewers were shocked by the low CGI quality and how scary the cat “fur” The aim was to make the actors look like cats without covering their entire bodies making them look frighteningly human. Wilson, who plays Jennyanydots, has a particularly terrifying appearance, with a lifelike body that oscillates between naked and dressed in her disturbing, cockroach-filled musical; focus on.

The audience also questioned that the plot was difficult to follow, especially for those who were new to the original musical. An already complicated plot, cat No attempt was made to break it. Wilson’s cat The co-stars also weighed in, with Corden admitting he didn’t see it and revealing that he heard “Bad.” The two even impersonated each other at the Oscars. cat Probably going to be one of the worst movies in history, at least its star can join the joke.

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